Thursday, July 8, 2010

O, Canada! My True and Native Land!

I am a very proud Canadian and what better way to show off my heritage, and love of my country, by doing a Canada Day manicure!

I got a lot of compliments at the Canada Day celebrations I attended. 100's of red and white balloons were released and after, everyone had strawberries and ice cream!
This is three coats of OPI Alpine Snow Matte, topped with Seche Veche, then stamped with Konad Special Polish, Red and White. The red polish is Sally Hansen nameless red, marked 60, and fauxnad image plate m56.

I'm sorry for posting this after the fact but had busy long weekend!
Happy Canada Day!


  1. I know I'm really late on this one, but WHERE did you get that fauxnad plate?? I needz! so perfect for Canada day! (and would've been great for the Olympics too!)

  2. I got the plate as part of a 96 set back around Nov 09 on ebay from a seller in China. (This was before all the fauxnad plates were removed by ebay or most of them from pressure from Konad). But the image for the Canada flag didn't stamp well so in around April 10, I seen another single plate again on ebay and picked up a second plate. I had a fellow Canadian blogger express interest in the plate on a board I frequent and I contacted her three times to ask if should would like it no string attached, but she never replied. I then had a member on a board I follow contact me and ask if I was willing to swap so I did just a few weeks ago.

    I believe you can still get the IP on ebay (just not US site but others which I surf all the time, buy from and have never had any issue). I suggest you keep looking on ebay, as the plates are out there, you just have to find it. Its the only place I've seen them sold. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

  3. P.S. If I every come across another when I'm surfing for plates (as I'm always looking for new image plates), I will either post it , as I have been asked about it several times or contact you via email connected to your post.

  4. P.S.S: I found an old email from seller from these plates. I have emailed her to see if she has any more available.

    Will keep you posted.

  5. To AC (and anyone else interested) I was able to locate a Canada Flag image plate at a brick and mortar store. If you would like to swap etc please contact me at mrs rexy at gmail dot com.




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