Friday, July 23, 2010

Easter in July??

Last night I was trying to pick a shade of purple/lilac to match this summer dress I was going to wear to work. This Zoya polish, Perrie, I had just picked up a week or so from Trade Secrets so thought it would match my outfit well. Two coats, great coverage, topped with SV. This was the first time I used a Zoya product and the results were fantastic!

And because I'm a stamping fanatic, had to pick something to stamp it with. Konad IP m71. My nails are so tiny you don't really see the great effect of this stamp. on a couple of my fingernails.

Unfortunately....when the mani was finished, all I could think about was that this looks like purple Easter eggs.....I'll have to keep this in mind when Easter rolls around. I think the look of an Easter egg could be easily replicated by another band at the tip of the nail, maybe a couple of dots in between and an Easter mani is easily accomplished!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Very cute! I love Zoya, and I didn't know you could get it at Trade Secret - now I don't have to worry about paying for shipping! :)

  2. they do look like easter eggs..I think you need some yellow on it too =)

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  4. shortnails: I agree totally!

    Zara: Thanks again for all your comments and for looking at my little blog. Trade Secrets has even been getting the new Zoyal collections in recenty - even got the much sought after Charle - after going to four stores-but still-got it!

  5. love these 2 they are gorgeous , I so love polish too and have over 600 bottles, , I'm a hoarder lol i think but love your nails they are so so pretty ,, I just got a little konad and love it , it is so very fun and I am looking forward to starting to post my nail works, nice to meet ya and wishing you pink rainbows
    georgia from ohio


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