Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Your Nails are Stunning"

This was the very nice compliment I got on this manicure from the cashier at MAC when I was by today picking up the new Alice & Olivia polishes that I had on hold from last week (but that will be another post!). I'm guessing its because she had never seen stamping before and the fantastic results from it as there are so many more ladies out there that have much nicer nails , apply polish much better and are soooo much more skilled in stamping then I!

Anyhoo, on to the mani! Revlon Top Speed, colour is Bubble. Exact dupe of the Revlon scented polish, colour Bubble Yum - exact but no scent. Two coats, topped with one coat SV.

As I just got my nails filed square I also thought it perfect time to try a Konad tip stamp (well, made it into a tip stamp!) and used Konad IP m57 and m68, black special polish.

Unfortuantely, my stamping skills alluded me and not stamped very straight but not too too bad. Pictures are a little dark as it was overcast when they were taken. An no unstamped image as this mani was done in the wee, wee hours of the am while surfing the net and looking at all the fantastic nail blogs!
Thanks for looking!
PS: I am not conceited and I fully acknowledge that there are bloggers out there with much nicer nails and manicures than mine - just repeating the compliment!

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