Tuesday, August 3, 2010


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I came to the nail game after the OMG collection came out but little by little I have tracked them down bottle by glorious bottle, except for the elusive OMG. Imagine my surprise about three months ago that I stumbled across this little nail supply that had OMG in stock! It was the only colour of the collection that was in stock and I can easily see why - unless you know what this glorious rainbow in a bottle does, it would be easy to pass up on the shelf.

As soon as I got this, I had to try it out. These pictures were taken a couple months back and were in my archives and I thought it would be a perfect time to post them as my nails are suffering after having been on vacation for a week. (I did one mani while I was away that I will post in a day or so and hopefully the sorry state of my cuticles can be overlooked....)

Of course I had to stamp this but I didn't want to cover the rainbow gloriness so stamped an accent nail with black Konad special polish, fauxnad IP H2. Looking back, I didn't think the dainty dragonfly did the polish justice and should have been a edgier design or pattern, but another mani, another day!
Ohhh, and I was able to obtain GOSH Holographic and one of these days, I will have to do a mani ....any suggestion for an image plate (as, of course, it must be stamped!)

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is gorgeous! Congratulations on finally getting the elusive OMG. :)


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