Monday, August 9, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection-Glitzerland Glittery Goodness!

On August 4th, I rushed to my local nail supply store as I was finally able to purchase the OPI Swiss Collection. It had been under a glass display case for almost three weeks and they were unable to sell it until the 4th-no matter how much I tried to talk them into selling me a bottle, they would not sell it early! I bought the first bottles from the display as I was there bright and early. The first one I had to try was Glitzerland (mainly because a lot of the other colours look like fall and I want summer to last as long as possible!)

All images are clickable to enlarge!

(This picture was taken in full sun-sorry for the excessive cuticle oil blinding your eyes!)

(These three pictures were taken in overcast conditions which really enables you to see the stamping images well as less annoying sun glare on nails....)

(The last three pictures were on a bright sunny day and you can really see the sparkle glittery goodness of the polish.)
This was a bottle of heaven-application was a dream, the brush was great, good coverage after two coats and no bumpy glitter rough edges after a coat of SV. This could be my go to gold from now on-thank goodness I bought a back up bottle (but really, who knows as I have so many untried golds-too much polish, not enough time -as I'm sure a lot of nail fanatics can appreciate!)

I was tired of stamping with the same old white and black Konad polishes so thought I'd give another colour a try. I decided to use Konad princess special polish in Pearl Blue but it kinda looked greenish when stamped. This is Konad IP m81. Next time I think I'll try a darker navy colour or maybe even royal purple. I wore this polish 5 days - no chips. Only changed, use another untried colour!

Thanks for looking!
Edit: I should clarify that this polish is not a glitter polish and personally, I would not use it a glitter topcoat over a cream for example as it would be much too opaque, but moreso using the word glittery to indicate it is very sparkly and blingy.

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