Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Nails are Smiling....Literally!

I know a lot of the fall collections are starting to be released but I'm still thinking summer. Lots of time to wear those dark colours when the colder weather starts to roll I wanted a nice and bright polish to compliment the beau-t-ful weather we have been experiencing!

(Images are clickable!)

This is OPI the "it" Color. This isn't over the top neon yellow or nothing, not even eye popping yellow, just a nice bright fun colour for summer. I have read lots about yellow being a difficult, streaky colour to apply but I didn't find that it all. I could have gotten away with two coats but did three as I didn't want to have any obvious VNL in my mani especially when taking pix.

Keeping in the theme of fun, stamped with black Konad special polish using fauxnad image plates m51 and T28. Lotsa fun! This mani brought some smiles from people as I was out and about shopping...for polishes, what else?.........doesn't it make your day when you get a nice compliment on your mani?

(This is one picture taken in artifical light in the weee hours of the morning.)

Thanks for looking!

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