Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Can't Believe I Wore This for 9 Days!

My last mani was OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui with OPI Absoluely Alice tips and then stamped with China Glaze OMG. When it rolled around to day 3 when I did the stamping, of course it rained for 3 days so I wasn't able to take great pix of the OMG stamp and then I just got too busy from working long hours to do my nails. So I ended up wearing this mani for 9 days. Here's how it looked just before I took it off:

In some regards, its kinda disappointing to think my nails only grew by that little bit in 9 days-but it did hold up well, no chips, no topcoats, nothing other than minor tipwear. Who needs Shellac when this holds up like this-on real nails even-not even acrylics! I think this is pretty good!

And here is a slightly better pix of the stamping from what I had posted before:

The holo stamp is kinda more visible-feel free to click to see enlarged image.

On a very happy note, a kind swapper sent me these amazing plates-Essence Stampy image plates. I was only expecting one so when four-yes, four! of them showed up in my mailbox, I was estatic. Thrilled beyond words actually and totally stunned by the kindness of a fellow polish addict that I have never met half way around the world! I've already changed my mani and am in the middle of stamping with the new plate so will post them soon!

Thanks for looking!


  1. wow! I love the look of the holo stamped on the nail - and 9 days is impressive!

  2. Yes,9 days is impressive indeed. Alot to be said for staying power.

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