Thursday, March 17, 2011

May You Find a Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

As you may recall from my posts and some of my comments, there's only so many image plates out there with a St. Paddy's theme, so last weekend, I sifted thru all my plates to try to come up with something that weren't just all shamrocks and here's what I came up with!

Used IP's H17, fauxnad m28, B05, HB44, HB30, BM03 and HB40. Stamping polishes are Konad special polishes in green, red, white, black and yellow and CND Gold Chrome.

Here's the polishes before stamping:

Starting at thumb and working left to right: OPI Alpine Snow matte, Essie Going Incognito, Color Club Wild Child, LA Girls Disco Brites Can U Dig It, and LA Girls Disco Brites Turntable.

And in case enquiring minds what to know, I finally used the soft stamping plates that I got from nailart und mehr last summer. Here's what they look like if you aren't familiar:

(As they are made out of rubber, lint and hair stick to them like no tomorrow; they don't usually look like this after wiping with acetone... its just I wiped them with a paper towel for the picture and then all the lint and fibres rubbed off on them and I had no acetone with me to take it off!)

While last year when I seen the soft plates on their website and watched the youtube tutorial, it was not in English but looked simple enough so I bought a few to try out. Low and behold, it wasn't as simple as it looks (to me anyway!)... no matter how much fooling around with them I did, I couldn't get it. So when I went to their site a few weeks ago, I seen now that they have posted some instructions on their use in English so tried it again and was comfortable enough to attempt to try the stamp on my nails. This was the first time but now that I have somewhat the hang of it, I'm going to try them more often as they have some really cool designs on them!

Here's a shout out to Lacquer Ware who suggested I attempt to freehand a Leprechaun on one of my St. Paddy's mani! I have absolutely no freehand skills...I can barely do those accent strokes with nail stripers....but I thought, "What St. Patrick's Day mani would be complete without a leprechaun?" Then I remembered I had gotten out my St. Paddy's day pin for my sweater for this morning and took a quick pix of it...(I have a soft spot for all holidays and themes and decorate my house theme crazy! I also have pins that I put on my coats or sweaters for every holiday and this is the one I'm wearing today!.)

So here's my Leprechaun!!! It's the best I could come up with!!

Thx for looking!


  1. is the pot of gold from a stamp, or is it free hand? I like this mani the best out of all of your St Patty's!

  2. OKay, the pot of gold is absolutely awesome. I love all the fingers.

  3. Thx everyone for your comments...

    Starlight: The pot of gold nail was three different stamps...the rainbow was softstamp A29, the sun was an HB plate and the pot was from fauxnad m28. It was the image that had a pot with steam or something coming from it, but I only put polish on the lower half of the plate and then scraped down...did the same with the one beer glass as its only half of the plate image...hopefully this makes sense!

  4. So many great festive looks--very creative of you! I've not seen those soft plates before; they look interesting.


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