Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catrice Hot or Not?

I'd been eyeing this hot pink for a few mani's now and after my subdued nails, wanted something bright so decided upon this, Catrice Hot or Not?

The next day, I couldn't decided on a colour or image plate to stamp it with (how is that possible? but couldn't), then I had remembered a couple weeks ago I had picked up the OPI silver shatter and hadn't used it, so decided to add it. This was a thin coat but I should have added a thick coat so that the crack would have been greater and more of the hot pink would show through.

And here's the shatter with topcoat. While I actually like it more than the matte version without topcoat, it looks better in real life than these pictures show.

I've wore this mani for four days now and its just starting to show a bit of tip wear. Next time, I'll add a thicker coat for sure so that more colour will peek through.

Edit: I just remembered that my friend over at Frazzle and Aniploish is having a absolutely fantastic one year anniversary giveaway here. Please take a few minutes to check out the giveaway....and the rest of her awesome blog. There's always informative posts about what's available at local stores as well as great polish comparisons!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend...rain rain go away!... here in Southern Ontario....thanks for looking!


  1. Definitely hot! :D

    I rather like the more subtle crackle and pink effect in this manicure. :)

  2. Nice combination! (And thanks for the link, too!)

  3. very lovely combo, so glad to see another canadian blogger out there, yay!

  4. this is great! where did you get the catrice polish?


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