Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Husband....

.....tomorrow is Mother's Day.

Here's a couple gift ideas to make it easy for you so that I don't get a vacuum like I got last year, or the weed puller like the year before that:

- flowers of any sort....real, potted, hanging baskets, bouquet, any always work.
- Tim Horton's gift card.
- dinner with the family; breakfast in bed. Either or.
- jewellery...bonus points if it involves diamonds....
- a new purse...doesn't have to be Chanel...any would be fantastic
- shoes (I need new running shoes by the way)
- trip...again, doesn't have to be to Paris but any location would be a dream
- and of course, when in a pinch, nail polish. Nail polish is ALWAYS appreciated.

Love, your wife.

For this mani, used Orly Fancy Fuchsia, white Konad special polish and IP's MW59, BM09, Konad m77 and two unmarked.

Here's Orly Fancy Fuchsia by itself. Unfortunately, this pix isn't colour accurate but the best I could get with the lighting I had. In this case, fast fading sunlight.

The really funny thing about the weed puller, is I don't even do the gardening at our HUSBAND does. So my Mother's Day gift wasn't even for's that for 52 hours labour for three kids? (And to anyone who thinks I'm joking about the weed puller...or the vacuum....unfortunately, I'm not. We really did need the vacuum And if I'm being really honest...none of this is really a big deal cause I'm blessed with a husband who doesn't question the number of polishes I own, nor the number of image plates, special polishes, accessories such as rhinestones, money spent on swapping polishes, etc etc. so I guess there are things worse than getting a weed puller for Mother's Day!!!)

To anyone who is a mother, have a fantastic day! I hope that you enjoy your special day with your family and are able to enjoy a little RnR! To anyone who isn't, please make sure to visit or call your mother on this day honouring all mothers! Or honour them in another way that may be special for you and your mother...anything except by gifting them a weed puller!

Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. Too cute!!!
    Weed hound, he's got nerve!!!

  2. HAHAHA, Your husband is soo funny! xP
    As for your mani, loveeee it, such a smart way of hinting a wishlist xD

  3. i absolutely loved this post! and for the mani! just wow!


  4. That last nails, I love it, How you do it, with templates?
    (I don´t speak english very well, sorry,I hope you understand me:)
    Kisses from:

  5. So, how did the day go? I'm imagining what gift might follow the previous two... frying pan? :)

  6. Hahaha...a weed puller? That's too funny! Maybe you can get him some nail polish for Father's Day! :P Hahahaa
    - Mary

  7. Thx everyone....I think my razzing got some results as I didn't get anything like a weed puller or vacuum this year...but it seems to me like I got a new frying pan last summer around my birthday but don't *think* it was a birthday gift....this year, I got a salon gift card and while I really wanted to use it for a pedi, maybe a massage etc, I ended up getting highlights and a cut....which was long overdue as I hadn't had since maybe last October...maybe before then? just never seemed important as any *spare* money (is there such a thing really?) went to new image plates or polishes or mailings for swaps etc etc. that always seemed more important to me than getting my hair done!


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