Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chanel Mimosa

I was looking through my polishes trying to decide my next mani and remembered I had picked up Chanel Mimosa recently....bright and summery....even though technically summer hasn't arrived yet! When I was at Murale getting it, I was told that this was a popular colour this season; in fact, I got the last bottle.

Two coats of Mimosa, with Essie Fair Game as stamping polish using Konad IP m73. As you probably have seen from my last few posts, stripers is my new obsession, so added a few accent lines with a light green sparkly striper and a couple teal blue dots.

After two coats of Mimosa, I stamped using Essie Fair Game using Konad IP m73.

Here's Chanel Mimosa by itself. While there is a very pretty shimmer in the bottle...which you can see in the pictures of the bottle, I was disappointed to see that it wasn't visible on the nail. Real shame for such an expensive bottle of polish. But pretty and summery none the less!

If my internet connection wasn't so touch and go, I'd go to photobucket and cut and past the shimmer in the bottle so you have a better idea what I'm talking about, but my internet keeps disconnecting and this post has taken almost an hour to publish...but this pix may be a little better to show you the shimmer I'm talking about.

Blogger is still acting wonky....I still can't post comments on my blog or the others that I follow. Apparently Blogger/Google is aware of it and working on it, but its been dayyyyysssss now. You'd think with all the technology and their computer wizardry that they have, that it would be fixed by now? Soooo annoying.

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is a very unique design! but it is still very cute!(:

  2. Blogger is having a lot of issues lately for sure. It seems to be okay for me from this laptop right now, but who knows how long that will last.

    I should pull out my stripers soon and do something...

  3. Blogger is acting strange for me too hunny .but that aside....i love this mani .im just applying some liners to my current mani. they are addictive . but this is such a cute mani :-)


  4. ahh love this!!!
    so beautiful!


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