Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing with Nail Art Stripers

I knew as soon as I picked up Essie Smooth Sailing, I knew that it would be my next mani. Love this colour and love the shimmer in it! Perfect for summer...or anytime of the year in my opinion!

Decided to stamp it with Nicole by OPI Positive Energy, using IP T18. After I stamped it, I got looking at it and thought it looked a little hum drum *yawn*.

So decided to get out a few nail stripers; and started striping away (that's striping away, not stripping, ahem!) . I've only used these once or twice...can't you tell! but thought it jazzed it up enough. Better than hum drum anyway!

I really liked the way my thumb turned out....my only wish is that all the fingers would had have turned out looking like this!...but just another excuse to redo my nails tonight!

Here's Smooth Sailing by itself. I seen that Shoppers Drug Mart has this out now...if you want to pay an arm and a leg or your first born for the priviledge of owning it! I think they retail for $11.99 or something crazy. I got mine at a beauty supply place for about half....but they only had Smooth Sailing from the Brazilliant collex. SDM has the whole collex if you are looking for it. There's a couple more I'd like to pick up, but will wait for them to go on sale at SDM or for another place to have them in stock.

And if you're looking to expand your image plate stash, please check out the awesome giveaway over at SpellBinding Nails. While I'd love to expand my Models Own polishes, there's no plates from Chez Delaney I don't already have (and already have those other two plates as I ordered them when SarahLouise had blogged about them a while back), so I'm not entering, which will increase the odds for you to enter if you wish (by 1 at least!!). Just thought I'd pass on the link if you want to check it out. SarahLouise is just super sweet so I don't mind giving out a shout out for her giveaway! Good luck everyone!

Thanks for looking!


  1. i love this mani!! - i loved it before you applied the the nail art liners - BUT loved it even more , after you had jazzed it up with the nail liners!

    Ive started using nail art liners so much recently!...but your mani has put my experiments to shame!

    Great job sweetie! aww and thanks for mentioning my giveaway - i really need to hook you up with some Models Own polishes - drop me a email with all the lemmings your after and ill see what i can do for you =)

    /Hugs! xx

  2. Don't you just love Essie polishes? This is a pretty one! And I love your stamping!

  3. i believe Shoppers has Essie nail polish on for $9 this week. =) Still expensive but better than the $11.99 Beautiful mani! xoxo

  4. Great mani, love what you did and great colour choice too.

  5. Ohhhh that's an absolutely lovely colour as your base! And the striping does wonders for the design... very nice mani!!

  6. A pretty design became a super cool design by adding those stripes:D Great colour combo!

  7. Love both the intermediate and final designs!

  8. It never would occur to me to take stripers to a perfectly fine stamped mani, but it looks great!

  9. I gave you an award over on my blog, have a good day.

  10. Gorgeous! The added stripes really perked it up! Beautiful!


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