Friday, November 4, 2011

New (to me anyway!) NYX Bottles

It's hard to believe that I closed my weekend place almost a month ago already...I miss it already! The very last weekend I was there, I went without the family, leaving me with a bit of free time on my hands. I remembered a post from a fellow GTA gal, nailxchange, about possibly finding the elf concealer brush (used by some gals in their polish cleanup) at Giant Tiger. I drove to both the Giant Tiger locations in Peterborough and Lindsay to see if I could track one down. (In hindsight, I'm sure this was not an economical thing to do seeing how I probably spent $25 in gas looking for a $2 cleanup tool....but I did.) Anyway, it was all for naught as I didn't find the brush at either location. But when I was driving through Lindsay, I seen a Rexall on the main drag and thought I'd see if they have anything new. I checked out all the polish displays and came across the new style of bottles in the NYX display. While I had seen these on some etailer sites, it was the first time I seen them in real life.

I picked up two colours, NYX Aqua and NYX Be Jeweled; this is the mani I came up with.

Started with one coat of NYX Aqua. Yes, one coat!

Added one coat of NYX Be Jeweled about halfway or so on my nails.

Lastly, added NYX Gold Sparkle on tips. (This is the old style bottle; I've had it for a while.)

Stamped using Black Konad polish using XL plate E.

Lastly, added some of those really tiny balls in the centres of the flowers. I bought a set with a bunch of colours from ebay a while back, super cheap.

This was the first time I've used them and they were a little tricky coaxing onto the nail as they are so tiny...and as small as they are, I found they actually stick out and get caught on clothes and towels even with a topcoat. They stick out and get caught on stuff more than rhinestones, which is pretty annoying.

Topped with coat of SV.

I did this mani on October 21st in between Halloween manis. I'm only pointing this out as you may notice that my last post, my nails aren't this long. I've actually filed them down twice since October 21st as they are just too unmanageable for me at the length posted here. The Day of the Dead mani was after filing them once about a week before then and I cut them down again last night because they seem to be growing awkward...or I filed them funny the last time, not sure! Anyway, they are now even shorter today than as in the Day of the Dead which I did November 1st. So you may see a bunch of mani's with nails at different lengths over the next little while as I post the mani's that haven't been posted you'll know why! (I'm not even sure if anyone cares about this or even notices as I can't imagine that anyone is checking out my nails that carefully, but just thought I'd explain anyway!)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I LOVE this! The colour, the stamping, the image...such a beautiful manicure :-)

  2. Nice! The drugstores around here (Windsor) don't usually have much NYX, I've found. I'll have to keep my eyes open so I can check them out, though!

  3. I saw a post a while back showing these new bottles, I still haven't came across them yet. I love the colors on this mani!!! the bottles are cute too.. sooo DL copycats!

  4. I love these bottles! There is a rexall near me (in Oshawa) that sells them! I love this colour too!

  5. Woe! It's amazing! Very very beautiful

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  8. that many looks very beautiful! Love it!

  9. Stunning!! Absolutely stunning!!!!


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