Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Revlon Modern Grace

By sheer fluke, the mani I did after wearing Orly Cashmere Cardigan was Revlon Modern Grace. I try not to wear the same colour one day after the next, but for some reason, my eye was drawn to Modern Grace, which happened to be sitting at my table as I had just bought it over the weekend. By gosh, I think I *may* have stumbled upon dupes. This is Revlon Modern Grace.

Below is Orly Cashmere Cardigan. It's obvious that they aren't dupes, not by these pix as Cashmere Cardigan obviously looks lighter. But close.

Because I just posted Orly Cashmere Cardigan, you can compare by scrolling down to see how close they are. I haven't compared these polishes on nails side by side or even bottles beside one another, but it sure looks like they are close! Close but not exact. Cashmere Cardigan is lighter. Come to think about it, I'd say this also looks mighty close to OPI Parlez Vous OPI or maybe even Zoya Caitlyn, which I have too. (I'm not going to do a comparison post as I know there are others out there in the blogesphere who can do this soooo much better than I, who have a more keen eye for comparisons, shade variation, better photo comparisons etc etc...I'm looking at you KarenD!!) But this is good news for anyone who may have missed out on Cashmere Cardigan a few years ago....no need to search for it as Revlon Modern Grace is on the shelves now (at least in my area!).

Anyway, here is the mani I came up with using Revlon Modern Grace.

Stamped using Konad white special polish using fauxnad SdP D-17.

Added dots to the flower centres using Konad black special polish.

Then a couple whirls of random silver using striping pen. This is one of those times that less is more and I probably should have left the mani alone and not added the dots and glitter.

I really need to be more on the ball about buying dupes, or rather, close to's! My stash is overflowing and I don't think I need a couple polishes that are thisssss close...never mind potentially having 4 bottles thisssss close!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow, I love Modern Grace. I keep passing by it in the store, I may have to pick it up! I love the stamping you did here as well, very delicate pattern. Looks great =)

  2. Hey now, I appreciate the compliment but I still think you should do comparison posts. I love seeing comps, no matter what. I did think at first glance that you'd done two Cashmere Cardigan manis in row. :)

  3. Your stamping is flawless!! I just love everything you do!!!

  4. Lol they are pretty close! Just the difference of the tint, that is crazy (:

    I absolutely love the stamping it looks very sophisticated!!

  5. these two polishes really look very similar. I love the stamping on your nails! YOu are so good at it.

  6. I love this! With or without the extra detail I think this manicure is really pretty

  7. I have Modern Grace, I love it! Also, Parlez Vous OPI is nothing like these polishes! It's more of a dusty taupe/brownish purple. :)

  8. Wow this color is gorgeous! I love the design you put over it too.


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