Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who Needs Stamping...

...with polish this unique!!

No stamping on today's mani.....I was the lucky recipient of Lynnderella Connect the Dots, thanks to a swap recently. This is the mani I came up with.

Lynnderella polishes were created by the uber talented Lynnderella (Lynn) and have been seen on blogs fairly often recently as they are pretty awesome polishes, but oh, so elusive. Until recently, unless you were in the inner circle of Lynnderella and fortunate enough to be the recipient of one of her custom made polishes, you were pretty much out of luck in obtaining any of these creative, gorgeous, super unique polishes. However, recently she started selling them online and you can buy the polishes via her blog. Unfortunately, her e-store is only available for very brief periods of time until she closes her doors until the next sale....on top of this, delivery is not available outside of USA. Unless you are lucky enough to swap like me, or be part of a group order organized by a gal in US, unfortunately, these aren't that readily available for international sales. (There's also a five bottle minimum order).

This is Sally Hansen The Real Teal with a coat of Connect the Dots on top. I can't really say its a 'coat' of CtD as I had to kinda blob on the glitter ....there is a little bit of learning curve to applying the polish and I'm not sure if I've mastered it yet or not! But I absolutely adore this is truly unique and there is nothing like it that I know of in my little part of the world. Every finger is different and little pieces of cool!

Here is Sally Hansen The Real Teal. This is gorgeous all on its own. Click to enlarge to see the beautiful shimmer.

The first couple of times that Lynnderella opened her estore, I missed out on any part of a group order or anything. Then I was lucky enough to swap for a bottle and it arrived last week. About a week or so ago, her estore opened briefly and I was able to jump on part of a grouporder so I have a few more of these beautiful polishes on the way. Lucky for us international girls, there is now an etailer, Llarowe, who does ship worldwide that will be selling Lynnderella polishes starting December 2011. I hope to order a few more then, along with some other polishes not that readily available to me like Hits, A-England, etc.

I haven't seen a mani that I personally didn't like with Connect the Dots. It looks fantastic over top of pastels, skittles, neons...I've even seen it used as a gradient/kinda french tips and it was awesome as well. It is truly unique and I feel fortunate to own it!

Do you have any Lynnderella polishes? What's your favourite? I'd love to know your thoughts for when I (hope to) order in December!

Thanks for looking!


  1. So cutte!! Loved it!
    You always have so many lovely colors and ideas for us! Thanks! Kiss*

  2. Hey, That is COOL! Love that connect the dot and nice background color. I'm surprised I don't have that SH X color lol...Love those polishes too.

  3. connect the dots looks amazing. I have seen manis done with that polish before and all these manis look very interesting and unique.

  4. That teal polish is so vibrant, I love it. Looks great teamed with that topcoat :-)

  5. I need Connect The Dots in my life. NEED, I say!

  6. I am so not a glitter fan-but then I saw Connect the Dots and I just HAD to have it=now I own two bottles and it is just stunning!!!!

  7. I just bought my first Lynnderellas from a blog sale and am really looking forward to trying them.

  8. KarenD: Someone sold them from a blog sale? Wow...I wonder why as they are all so unique...but good for you...can't wait to see your posts!

  9. Very pretty and I love the SH polish on its own too. Very nice shimmer and color.

  10. gorgeous! i wish i had at least one lynnderella polish. maybe soon :)

  11. Nice:)



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