Friday, March 9, 2012

Butter London Knackered

As soon as I seen the promotional shots of the Butter London Spring/Summer 2012 polishes, I knew I wanted them all! So imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Nail Polish Canada asking if they could kindly send me two for review*. They even let me pick which two polishes I would like to receive.....this is Butter London Knackered, one of my favourites from the collex!

Duochrome! Holo! Love!

Three coats with no base polish or topcoat as I wanted to get a good idea of what it looked like without one. I think the next time I use it, I'm going to layer it on top of a base as the polish is sheer; however, application was good and cleanup a cinch as it is on the thin side.

While I could go on about how Knackered shifts from purple, to green, to pink and silver....AND with the added bonus holo glitter mixed in, I think this is one of those times that it's best to let the pictures do the talking!

Nail Polish Canada is currently running a promotion** to win the entire Spring/Summer 2012 Butter London polish line for free (a $85 value).......please go here to check it out!

Of course, I couldn't resist adding some stamping! As I always SV a mani after polishing and before stamping, I forgot that I didn't in this the base wrinkled a bit on a finger or two when I stamped it as not enough time had passed to allow the polish to dry without any quick dry topcoat. Oops! It was pretty none the less...I got a lot of compliments on this...wrinkles and all! It was great to still see the colour shifting and holo of Knackered even with the stamping on top.

Stamping plates used were DRK-A and Konad m20 using KleanColor black for stamping. (So far, so good using KleanColor for stamping as it stamped clear, dark and no drag!)

Canadian nail fanatics will know that Butter London is not that readily available in Canada so it is great to see that Nail Polish Canada carries Butter London (they also just launched Nfu oh this week as well....AND they ship to Canada and USA for anyone out there still looking for the amazing Nfu oh #51!)

Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for looking!

*products used were sent to me for review; please refer to disclosure policy.
**promotion is open to Canadian residents (except where prohibited by law) and ends April 30, 2012!


  1. I love your stamping! Especially the accent finger :-)

  2. great pics, love the stamping :)

  3. Check your local Bay, that's where I found all mine! They have a stand with all the makeup and beauty (just a little shelf) that's usually near clinique stuff, or near other shelves that have fancy beauty products.
    I was so excited to find so many of them!

  4. Positively amazing mani! Looks even better stamped.
    I ordered Knacked from Nail polish Canada too, but is still untired. This has to change :)

  5. I want Knackered so bad! Great pictures btw :)

  6. This looks great! I love the name, as it reflects how I often feel :-)

    Do you know how it compares to a-england Ascalon? I have a feeling it might be too close to buy them both.

  7. Cecilia: You're in luck! I just received a polish delivery during the week and one of them was Ascalon (so many pretties...I can't keep up!)...they are not even close (looking at the bottles anyway as I haven't worn Ascalon). Knackered has more shift of colours and specific holo glitter particles; Ascalon is a thicker polish and it looks grainier if this makes sense (descriptions say one coater); both the holo/duo is totally different.

  8. What a great polish! I may have to break down and order my first Butter polish soon... ahh!;)

  9. That is such a fantastic nai polish! I had seen some bottle shots but I had no idea it had holo glitter too! So pretty *adds to wishlist*

  10. Wow! great pics.. last one is truly amazing..

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  11. Ooo this polish is stunning!


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