Sunday, March 4, 2012

Layla Magneffects

While out shopping last weekend, I stopped by Rexall/PharmaPlus to see if they had any new polish collections...unfortunately, they didn't have anything new but I did find Layla Magneffects on sale...for $3.96!

The sale tag actually said $7.96, down from $15.99. At half price, I had two at the check out. But when I was cashing out, the cashier says, "Oh wow, these are ringing up at $3.96"; I said, "well just a second while I pick up a few more!" This is the mani I came up with when I finally sat down to use one of them.

Layla Silver Galaxy over one coat of OPI Black Onyx. See my index finger? I kinda messed up the magnet...I guess it takes a little bit of practice for the magnet placement just like you have to practise at your stamping!

It annoyed me that I didn't line up the magnet the same as the other fingers plus I hit my nail on the magnet, so I did another coat of black on the index finger and then redid it.

Well apparently, I STILL need practise because it turned out worse than the first time! It was far to late to redo it, so I left it like this for stamping. I used White Konad special polish with an image from XXL Big SdP-1.

Lastly added a few random dots using CND Smoochie.

Finished it off by adding a coat of SV.

Just before I took it off, I decided to matte it using Essie Matte About You (please excuse the tip wear and dry cuticles!)

There were a couple of the Layla's that I was still looking for, so I was checking out my local stores yesterday...some stores still have them; any of the displays I seen now have tags marked $3.96 on the display too...and sometimes they are in plastic bins in the clear out section...but the selection is dwindling down so I'd suggest that if you are wanting these, that you check out your local Rexall/PharmaPlus soon! Let's hope they are making way for the Layla holographics!

Hope you're having a great weekend...and thanks for looking!


  1. wow! This mani looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Very cute, and wow, what a great sale find!

  3. This stamping works very well on the magnetci polish, great!

  4. I really like how this looks. I haven't seen anyone else stamp over the magnetic polishes! I didn't even know that Layla had some out!

  5. You are a genius!!! This looks AMAZING!!

  6. Nice score on the Layla Magneffects! That looks incredible matte-ifyed, too!

  7. That's really lovely! And a great bargain you got too :D

  8. Wow, a Layla nail polish for $3+? that is a lucky find!

  9. I am not loving the magnetix trend-it's just not for me. I love the stamping here though!

  10. Wow, what an awesome bargain! I just saw these for full price at Ulta--and people were buying, as the display was pretty picked over.

  11. That's a great deal! I've never heard of Rexall or PharmaPlus so my city probably doesn't have one lol

  12. Thanks for the tip!
    I wonder of my pharmaplus still has this brand.
    I am going to check later today!

    Hope you can check out my blog, I just reviewed Sari By Ocean nail polish- some new Canadian brand....awful formula...


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