Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pot of Gold At the end of the Rainbow

Green isn't one of my favourite I had to be a little creative coming up with a St. Patrick's Day mani without painting green on every nail. I thought of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow would be a little's what I came up with.

Base polishes used starting at thumb are OPI What's Dune? over two coats of OPI Bride's Bouquet, then Catherine Arley 803, Catherine Arley 674, Catherine Arley 673 and Catherine Arley 800, all two coats except 674 which was three. Finally cracked open my Catherine Arley's after all this time.

Stamped rainbows onto the nails using KleanColor black with plate Big SdP A.

My stamping failed me at the top of the middle finger plus a few other spots so I took a fine brush and hand painted in the lines. Not a fantastic job, but passable....from a distance!

Then I hand painted the cauldron for the pot of gold....this is why I don't do free hand art! lol! I stamped a shamrock too using XL F using A-England Saint George but it stamped fainter than I wanted so I did hand painted another coat of the polish over the design freehand.

Added a dab of Color Club Gingerbread Man for the gold.

Then decided a wanted some gold coins; used Nubar gold glitters and put them in the pot.

To prevent the faint holo from fading even more, I used a light coat of Sally Hansen Clear Hardener which is suppose to not kill the holo...not that it mattered in this case as the scattered holo is so faint to begin with. It was interesting to see that I had a little drag on the areas I hand painted....not sure why as the coat of SH was thin plus a good amount of time had passed since I had drawn in the lines.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Yeahh, I found a pot of gold under a rainbow - this is so nice - the holo's are great in the rainbow :)

  2. Very cute and creative! I love it!

  3. Fun! It's a little trippy--or maybe that's my cold medicine talking. :)

  4. Love it! This many looks really cool!

  5. OHMYGOOODDDDDDD! this is stunning! I keep staring at it! I bet it looks even more amazing in person!

  6. I love your pot of gold, so cool!

  7. Yeah i agree with KarenD-its psychedelic but I like it! I need those Catherine Arleys!!!

  8. This is such a unique Patty's mani! It has a bit of an abstract feel! I really dig it.

  9. very creative for not wanting to use green!
    And I love the little pot of gold :D

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  11. These are fantastic! I love the holos!

  12. I like all base colors.. They all are very pretty.

    Cotton kurtis 2012

  13. OMG! This design is all kinds of AMAZING! I LOVE it So much! LOVE IT!!!!


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