Friday, July 27, 2012

Are Peach and Gray an Odd Combination?

In early sumer, I was going through a  coral/orange/peach phase.  It seemed like I was wearing these shades all the time!  This is one of many I came up with at the time.

Started with a base of Maybelline Peachy Petal.  This is two coats, with no topcoat.  I seem to recall what while I loved this colour, I had a lot of problems with this polish.  It was like there there was some type of random grit in the polish and it didn't apply well.  Whatever the grit issue was, I never experienced it before and it was only with this bottle.  I had bought this polish in early spring in the US...I bought a few others at the same time but haven't tried them yet...I sure hope they aren't like this!  My camera didn't like this polish either as these pix aren't quite accurate in colour. Such a pretty colour; but I do remember I had quite the time with the polish with whatever ailed it.  I don't think it's visible in these pix, but all I know is I had to search my stash for something to put on top of it to hid the mess.

I found the solution!  A coat of Savvy Magic Pumpkin.  This is one coat, with SV. 

Stamped using A59 using white Konad special polish.

I wanted to show a pix of the image plate.  See below?  Images like this, I never know how to use.  How exactly is it to be placed on the nail?  I turned the image what I think is upside down and stamped on my nails. Also, even though my nails seem fairly long (to me anyway), as you can see, only a very small portion of the stamped image is on my actual nails.  KarenD, this is one reason why I wish I had man hands as I mentioned in the comments of one of your posts not too long ago!

Anyway, added a few random dots using Orly Mirror Mirror and topped with SV to finish.

What's your thoughts?  Did peach and gray turn out OK, or is this a little on the odd side? 

Thanks for looking!


  1. I'm not a big fan of peach but it's great with grey!

  2. I love the combo! Looks great :)

  3. I have had that grit issue with random Maybellines of recent vintage (like last couple years). It's very strange and annoying.

    I really need to figure out a way to come visit and play with your image plates. :) Your nails do look long here but I see what you mean about the designs fitting on them. In a way, it gives you even more options--you can get two or three or more looks from a single design.

  4. lol....KarenD the funny thing is I was thinking of a way to see you!! I'm thinking you are probably 4ish hours from me...and not too long ago was thinking that me and the hubs could make a weekend of it! hmmmm......

    I'm glad (in an odd way) that you had grit issues too as I've never had this problem before. While I intially thought it was a bubbles or something in the base, it became obvious as I applied it that the grit or whatever was in the polish.

  5. The colours look amazing together. I see peach and grey together in a lot of clothing. So subtle but stunning on nails. I really like!

  6. Maybe an odd combo, but it still works!

  7. nice well together, love the image!!

  8. Don't you have SDP new plate S? Just got mine and it seems they are etched too deep. Can you test yours for me? Top right corner and 5th row last on the right. I emailed Shirley and sent her pics. I can usually get any plate to work but this was pooling and a messy stamp. Can you use my contact tab and let me know? I'd really appreciate it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Her plates usually rock! Oh and I'm not sure the gray goes that well here. I have the same size issue as you!


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