Friday, July 13, 2012

Konad Basic Kit 2 + Konad Giveway by Nail Polish Canada

This is another mani I came up with using the Konad Basic Kit that was sent to me by Nail Polish Canada. 

Started with a base of Essie Bikini So Teeny.  This is two coats, with no SV.  This has a gorgeous hidden shimmer...too bad its in hiding in these pix...even on the nail, it wasn't that visible.  Just in the bottle, you can see it...maybe that's why they call this 'So Teeny'...the shimmer is so teeny you can't see it? 

Started a gradient on the tips using FingerPaints Sapphire Shimmer.

Further gradient layering using Magic Visage Glamour.  This is another polish that nailXchange was good enough to send me from her travels; unfortunately, I don't see a name.  So I called it Glamour Silver and Blue Glitter.

Bottle pix....I only wish I had have been a little more messy or not so heavy handed with the FingerPaints so the dark gradient line wasn't so obvious. 

Stamped using m36 which is included in the kit.

It's coming up to the weekend which got me to thinking that this kit would be a good for travelling.  The compact size would make it a great travel companion if you wanted to jazz up you mani's while on vacation without taking a lot of supplies. I could easily see myself putting the contents of the kit in a plastic baggie with a small bottle of remover, some cotton rounds and a couple of the small Essence nail polishes for a couple quick mani changes while away!  So I thought I'd put together a little travel kit in a sandwich baggy just to see if the mani basics would fit and it does....this has all the mani supplies you'd need for some polish changes and fact, enough room for a few more plates and more polishes if needed! There's enough here for a quick mani change for a weekend away or while on vacation and the small size of the baggy won't take up a lot of suitcase room...or you could carry it in your purse if you wanted.

I was over at Nail Polish Canada checking out what polishes they have available, and when I was browsing the site, I also seen they are offering another awesome giveaway regarding Konad products.  If you are interested, please go here and click on the giveaway box.  Open to residents of Canada. 

Have a great weekend....and thanks for looking!


  1. Wow this is gorgeous! I never know what to do with those smaller tip designs when stamping. This really is stunning!

  2. Wonderful mani! Doesn't hurt one bit that you used my summer love, BST, as the base. :)

  3. I really like this... the glitter is such a great touch:)


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