Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Konad Basic Kit + CND Shellac Giveaway

I was contacted by Nail Polish Canada and asked if I'd be interested in doing a review on the Konad Basic Stamping Kit.  I haven't been using Konad image plates too much as there are so many plate options out there now...unlike when I first got into stamping a few years ago.  But it was nice to get back to my stamping 'roots' as Konad products are what originally turned me onto stamping.  I still remember the amazement I had the first time I seen a Konad display at a local home show....I thought it was one of those home show products that work at the show, but won't when you get them home, if you know what I mean. While I was fascinated, I wouldn't even consider it until I did my own nails at the booth.  But I did, and before I knew it, I had a cool butterfly design on my nails!  Then I hung around the display for around an hour (not kidding...with DH in the car waiting for me!) and watched how easy it was for the gals in the booth to put it on nails.  I was fascinated, but heming and hawing about whether I trusted the product and whether or not I wanted to spend so much money for something I wasn't even sure I would use on a regular basis...and especially cautious because the prices of the plates and polishes were between $10-$15. Yes...not like the prices we see nowadays!  I seen salon owners pick up kits and talking amoungst themselves how the nail art will increase their sales as well as seen a lot of ladies of all ages who were just like me.....wanted to add a little decoration to their nails!  But I did buy the products...and the rest is history!  I was hooked on stamping!

If you are like I was and can't decide if stamping is for you and don't want to invest in a big kit, the Konad Basic Kit is great to get you started.  This is the mani I came up with using it.

Started with a base of Icing Rosie Posies, two coats.  This has no topcoat.

Added a coat of Icing Rave Royalty. 

Stamped with m36 using white Konad special polish, both of which are included in the kit.

Unfortunately, didn't line up the thumb image terribly well, so added a second image to cover the bare spot!

I thought it would be cool to matte the flaky so added a coat of Essie Matte About You...which I thought was kinda cool!

This is the Konad Stamping kit as it was sent to me. 

This is a great kit if you are considering stamping as it has all the supplies you'll need to determine if stamping is something you're into...or not!  But I can tell you now that in no time, you'll be hooked!  I know I was...and still am! 

I did another mani using this plate too...I'll show you how it turned out in my next post!

For all of you how aren't into changing your polish everyday (lalalalala....I can't hear you!! lol!), Nail Polish Canada is also offering a giveaway for a lifetime supply of CND Shellac......all you have to do is say why winning will change your life!  Open to residents of Canada and US....if you'd like to check it out, please go here!

 Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice to see this beautiful manicure, it made me fall in love with my Konad plates again ;)

  2. So cute!

    I GOT MY PACKAGE AND I'M SO HAPPY!!! It couldn't have come on a better day!

  3. NailsIT...thanks for letting me know that it made it to you...hopefully it fit in the bucket!! lol!

  4. This is the kit that got me started! The only problem I've had is the teeny size of the stamping polish. I wanted to use it after a while of not using it and the cap was stuck on. That happens sometimes, I get it, but the bottle's so tiny I couldn't get a grip on the cap! I think I wound up using pliers to get a good grip on it. XD

  5. This is really sweet, very feminine!

  6. This mani looks so cute and lovely! Love it!

  7. so pretty, I have only a few Konad plates....this one is nice!

  8. You stamping is so crisp and clean here!

  9. Very nice! I love stamping nails! You did a WONDERFUL mani!

  10. Heyy..
    I really wish i had ANY of these :) I currently have none but would love to have! if someone can help me with a giveaway pls pls pls contact me on


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