Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canada Day Nails

Happy Belated Canada Day to all my Canadian nail pals!  Here and abroad...as I know I frequently get messages from gals who are Canadian and for one reason or another, reside in another country.  Here's the nails I was wearing on Canada Day.

Started with a base of OPI Red My Fortune Cookie, two coats.

Added a coat of Glitter Gal Red.  I don't see any other name on my bottle other than red, sorry if I missed it.

Another pix of this gorgeous holo.  Hard to believe its just one coat.

Stamped using fauxnad m56 with white Konad special polish.  To be honest, I'm lucky I had a plate to do Canada Day nails with me at all.  I had another mani in mind for Canada Day using the maple leaf french tip image from the new Mash plates.  But for some reason, when I was getting a few plates together to use for the weekend, I thought the plate I wanted was in the new Bundle Monster set and only grabbed this plate to take in case I wanted to add the Canada Flag image.  Well, thank goodness I did because the only other plates I had with me were Bundle Monster...and the image I wanted was on the Mash set.  I was kinda ticked off at myself but I guess there's always next year! lol!  I was telling my husband how I brought the wrong plates with me and how ticked I was at myself and his response was...believe it or not....why don't you just buy two sets of everything and just keep a set here so you have them on the weekend so you don't forget anything! 

A couple other views, this one in slightly less sunny skies.  The single maple leaf images are the middle of the flag alone polished and scrapped than randomly placed. 

This pix was taken in the shade.

I thought I'd share some pix of part of the Canada Day festivities I attended.  After singing the National Anthem, there's the release of red and white balloons.



...and away!!!

Sorry I didn't get around to posting this earlier but unfortunately, I don't have reliable internet connection on the weekends and didn't get home until late last night.  I probably should get my stuff together and have a mani ready in advance or have schedule posts or something like this when I have unreliable internet service....one of these days I'll get it together!

Hope you had a great weekend....and thanks for looking!


  1. I love your manicure

  2. awesome nails! & I love the pictures of the balloons :)

  3. Awesome mani! That Glitter Gal is fabulous!

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  5. I love your mani!

    I need to start purchasing some stamping plates. Such beautiful creations using those templates.

  6. That's really cute! :D may I know where you got your stamping plate? i've been trying to find one like that for so long!!

  7. ABBY: I got this plate a long time ago as part of a 96 piece set. I've seen them on ebay and bought a few and even at a nail supply store in Toronto and bought everyone they had in stock and RAOK'd a bunch of them to gals in Canada and a few around the world. I've seen this plate a few times on different Amazon listings not too long ago...I'll link it here and hopefully they have it in stock or shipping won't be an issue...but if you do search ebay and Amazon listings, its out there as I've been able to source them for a few gals now just by looking at listings.

  8. Here's a couple....




  9. That Glitter Gal is so gorgeous! I'm impressed at all the times you stamped just the leaf--very nice effect!


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