Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cheeky Summer 2012 Plates

The highly anticipated Cheeky 2012 Summer plates arrived recently!  This was the first mani I came up with using them.

Started with a base of CND Anchor Blue.  This is one coat (!), no topcoat, as I knew I'd be adding another polish on top for some layering interest to mimic some water for 'Hootie the Blowfish' to swim in.

Added a thin coat of Pretty & Polished Sand Art; this pix already has a coat of SV on top.  This pix also highlighted the need for me to cut, file and attempt to reshape my nails...I have no idea what shape this is but they are really growing all funny here and this polish really highlighted it!........Anyhoooo...

Bottle shot of all the glitter goodness!  This was the first time that I've used this type of glitter as a base for stamping and loved the result! The glitter is an interesting canvas for stamping, I think!  While I don't have Floam, I'm guessing the glitter make up is very similar except different glitter colours.  


Another pix just for good measure!

Stamped using CH38 using FUN white stamping polish. 

Added a few random dots using Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime.

Topped with SV.

My camera had a hard time focusing on all the glitter (part of which I'm sure is user error!) and the next day, I took a pix outside so that the stamping could be seen a little better.  The pix did focus a bit better so the stamping can be seen clearly. 

Cheeky plates are now shipping worldwide if ordered from their website here but I can say from my order that they do take a while for delivery so please be patient if you've ordered your plates and they haven't arrived yet.  Pretty & Polished is available at llarowe; both of these are also noted under the tab at the top of my home page of Where I Get My Stuff.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I still don't have my plates...I ordered when they were doing pre orders :( I hope it didn't get lost while in transit. I have sand art too in mini size though. I love it over black :) great mani! Boo! Summers over and I didn't even get to use my plates! LoL

  2. I love your layering under the stamping. The finished mani is absolutely perfect! And now I have some more plates to check out... :D

  3. A very pretty mani with the cute blowfish! ♥

  4. Yes it is very very similar to floam! It took me 3 months to get my hands on floam and thats the only indie polish i ever have.
    Nice idea on the mani with the sea-bubble background!

  5. I got this set just yesterday. They are amazing !!! The designs are so unique, and the quality.. Perfect !

  6. omg this is so fun i love the stamping over the glitter!

  7. I love the image you picked & sand art is so pretty!

  8. Great mani Tammy, mine cheekys are at the Post Office waiting for me to pick them at night! I think Ill do one mani today to test them!

  9. THis is freakin awesome!!! I can't wait to get my cheeky plates~

  10. I don't think your nail shape looks weird here--probably because it resembles my usual "not quite oval" approach. :)


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