Saturday, September 1, 2012

Movie Mani

I'm on holidays right now...have very limited internet connection so am going to quickly post a mani I did a few weekends ago.

Started with a base of two coats of OPI Bride's Bouquet.  No pix as this is the white base I use most of the time and its been posted before.  Stamped using XL U for the faces and SdP 78 for the movie reel using black Konad special polish.

Added a few random stars by isolating them on an image from SdP 69 and a few gold dots using Orly Luxe. Topped with SV.  I had a little drag on the movie reel but as I didn't leave enough drying time as the sun was fading fast, but it was hardly noticeable IRL.  

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.....thanks for looking!


  1. Such a lovely mani! And the stars and gold dots are a great addition :)

  2. Wow, that is some stamping plates, looks awesome!

  3. I have yet to ever do any stamping but this makes me want to do it asap!

  4. Amzing mani! Where did you bought that plate? I'm dying for that clint eastwood!

  5. colormadness: XL U can be bought at either MyOnlineShop or Fab Ur you go to the tab on my homepage that says 'Where I Get my Stuff', the info/links are there.


  6. And Chez Delany also has this on one of their D series plates but don't know the number off hand.


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