Monday, April 29, 2013

Blue Sands

Continuing with blue manis and mixing it up with some different finishes, I decided to do a mani with one of the OPI Liquid Sands.

I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure what the nail prep is on these liquid sands; I seem to think with the Zoya's that they are best applied directly on the nail but even though I wasn't entirely sure, I just applied the polish after doing my regular routine of base coats.  This is two coats of OPI Get Your Number, no topcoat.

Two coats didn't give quite the coverage I was looking for, so added a third coat; this pix again is with no topcoat.

Bottle pix of OPI Get Your Number.

Because I had six layers of polish/base treatments on my nails at this point with no fast dry topcoat to speed up the drying process, I waited about half an hour or so before stamping.  For stamping decided to use an image from Big SdP V using white Konad special polish. 

There's a lot of different pictures as they look a little different in the lighting (not to mention that I have such a hard time picking out just one!)   

The images seen here are the same image from Big SdP V that is mirrored.  Because the image is fairly large, in fact, the images on the Big SdP V are some of the longest out there, I was able to use various parts of it for a slightly different look on each nail which made them kinda interesting and unique (to me anyway!).

While I know that these traditionally would not be topped with topcoat, its hard for me not to do this, so I decided to topcoat it to finish.  This is when the mani really sparkled and I was happy that I had put top coat on it!

I only did one coat of SV and while it wasn't entirely smooth, it was smooth enough that it wasn't rough to be annoying.  I could live with it anyway.

While this pix was blurry, the benefit was that so many sparkles can be seen through the stamping.

Again, far too many pix because I just couldn't pick one....or two for that matter.

I thought these OPI Sands from the Mariah collex were pretty cool....enough that I knew I wanted all the OPI Bond Girl Liquid Sands and went to my local supply place several times eagerly anticipating their arrival until I finally able to snag them earlier this week.  I think they are an interesting base for stamping.

Hope you had a great weekend...thanks for looking!


  1. So pretty. Using a glittery nail polish as the base gives dimension to this nail art.

  2. This is beautiful! I love the contrast between the glitter and the white pattern.

    This liquid sand polish seems very versatile!

  3. I wore one of the Zoyas as a full mani and used basecoat and it seemed fine. I wish they'd explain why they recommend no base--is it a dry time thing?

  4. I love the stamping image! wanna have it right now *-*

  5. I love this sparkling blue combo & stamp is perfect! <3



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