Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pahlish Ace of Fours

Another blue mani in support of Autism Awareness Month; this time, Pahlish Ace of Fours which was part of the Portal - Fall 2012 collex. 

This is one coat of Ace of Fours, no topcoat.

Two coats, then topped with SV.

Bottle pix of Ace of Fours.  As described on Pahlish's Etsy shop, Ace of Fours is "inspired by Wheatley; this shade is a sheer soft white base with faint silver shimmer, blue micro flakies, and sparse iridescent charcoal micro flakies".  I have no idea who Wheatley is, but I'm sure its associated with, somehow!  I'm sure this is a generational gap thing! (I actually googled Ace of Fours, Wheatley, Portal...seen why I know nothing of this...the last game I played with is Super Mario!) Obviously I didn't buy the collex for my inner gaming geek!

Decided to do some blue on blue stamping.  Picked an image from Big SdP C which had lots of areas that the base polish could be seen through (and an image I'm sure to use again as I love it!), then added an accent stamp using XL B.  Konad special blue stamping polish was used.  I actually like the textured look of this more so than when it was top coated.

But I did topcoat it, below topped with SV.

Pahlish polishes are available via Etsy here!  As to any information on Portal, Ace of Fours,'re on your own!

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is gorgeous! Ace of Fours reminds me of a lump of lapis lazuli I have (not the greatest specimen, but it's a lovely mottley blue and white) and that stamping sets it of perfectly!

  2. Ace of Fours is gorgeous and stamping on that nail polish is sooo nice <3

  3. Ace of Fours is really beautiful, and your stamping over it looks great!

  4. OMG That is GORGEOUS!!! I love Ace of Fours but that stamping makes it POP! So so pretty!

  5. I got the whole Portal collection even though the only thing I know about the game is the closing song because I'm a Jonathan Coulton fan. :)


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