Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Light It Up Blue for Autism

I'm late in getting my post up for yesterday's World Autism Awareness Day but did do a mani for it; this is what I came up with!

Started with a base of Illamasqua Serenity.  This is one coat, no topcoat. One coat had OK coverage; I see a few thin spots but knew I would be layering it so left it as is.

Added a coat of Different Dimensions Light It Up Blue (for Autism).

Decided to add a second layer for some more sparkle interest; topped with SV.  (I had to lol at myself; I put on too much SV on the middle finger and it made my nail look like duck nails in the pix below!)

Different Dimenion Light It Up Blue (for Autism) also glows blue in the dark!

For the stamping, added images using Lilic's A01 (accent nail) and Big SdP F on the rest using royal purple Konad special polish.  I was really hoping that the puzzle pieces would show solid when I took another glow in the dark pix once it was stamped, but it looked exactly as above.  I'm going to check my glow in the dark pumpkins and see if I have one that might work that does glow blue as I think this will be cool!

Topped with SV.

Different Dimensions Light It Up Blue (for Autism) is available via Etsy here

April is Autism Awareness Month; I'm going to try to do my part and do a few blue mani's throughout the month in support of the cause which is near and dear to me....just in case you start seeing a lot of blue posted in the future!

Hope you're having a great week...thanks for looking!


  1. Serenity is stunning. I also love the fact that Light it up, Blue actually glows blue. I think I need it, lol.

  2. I love this one too. I'm always in awe of your stamping skills!

  3. I love this mani!!! It is gorgeous! I really need to get Light It Up Blue!!! So pretty.


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