Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Digit-al Dozen, Animal Week; Day 3

Another mani for Animal Week; this is life on the farm.  I've had this as an idea for a while now and am so glad that I was able to finally use it for animal theme week!

Started with a base of two coats of Petite Color Fever Creme Blue; topped with SV.

After sponging the index finger with white polish, stamped the farm scene.  Plates used were MW62 (pig and horse), SdP 95 (chickens), Dash 6 (cow) and QA 19 (house).  Stamping polishes were black Konad special polish and FUN stamping polishes in Cotton Candy and Mango Shake.

Stamped in a few more images.  The plates used were SdP 12 (sun), CH36 (clouds near house), Konad m79 (rest of the clouds), SdP 71 (butterflies above cow) and Konad m83 (bird above horse).  Royal purple and white stamping polishes were used for the white and purple stamping.

Using green and apple green Konad special polishes, added grass to three fingers using a dotter.

Dotted in some dirt to the pig and chicken fingers.  (lol...chicken fingers!)  It was suppose to mimic dirt; while I don't mind it on the pinky, the dotting didn't translate well on the thumb.  I took a sponge and pressed it a bit to make smudges but that didn't really work that well either.  I also took a brush and added in a little tall grass on the horse and cow fingers.

Topped with SV.

Here's the other Day 3 Animal Week mani's from the rest of the Digital Dozen.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Glad as always for the progress shots--it helped me see the pigs better this time. :)

  2. Makes me think of Heidi, although I'm sure there were goats in that story. Can you do a goat for me please.

  3. The first three fingers are awesome! Old McDonald had a farm! Eieio! Hehehe! I am not a fan of the thumb, really couldn't tell what it was! But overall I am loving this!


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