Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Digit-al Dozen; Fashion, Day 3

There's not too many mani's I do without some type of stamping but this was one.....a pretty simple dotted mani for Day 3 of Fashion Week for Digit-al Dozen.

Started with a base of two coats of Zoya Darcy, topped with HongKong Girl Fast Dry Topcoat.

I had a hard time opening my bottle of Darcy which seemed odd because I just got it not too long ago and hadn't even opened the box that the Zoya Stunning for Summer 2013 collex came in.  When I finally got it open, this is what I found.

This annoyed me.  I bought Darcy as part of the Zoya boxed set online. When I checked the other 5 polishes in the collex, four of them where loose too...the caps were barely threaded onto the bottle.  I was very surprised that this is how they would have been sent out to distributors.....what other explanation can there be?  I was glad that only one bottle had leakage and it was minimal; I was able to tighten the rest of them before there was more leakage or evaporation over time because it could be some time before I even use them.  I know it's only a polish leak but still....annoying!

Using three different dotting tools, added assortment of dots using Konad black special polish.  There's more than three sizes of dots in this mani; the dots can be made smaller or larger simply by the amount of pressure applied when dotting.  I'm sure a skilled dotter could achieve this same look with just one dotter!

Here's the pix I used for my fashion inspiration....I'm not big on fashion but I adore this purse!

I waited half an hour before top coating because I knewwwww that these dots were going to be trouble with topcoat smear....and I was right; while not too bad, there was some minimal drag....another annoyance!  Not terribly noticeable IRL....only in macro...but still annoying!  I used SV to topcoat but I'm sure that the same thing would have happened with HKGirl too as I've had smear with it too.

This simple mani was an attention grabber; I received many compliments on it....and it was easy as pie to boot!  I do have stamping plates that could be achieved pretty close to this but dots are another one of those images that are hard to get fully stamped...I usually have to go touch them up with a dotting tool after anyway to make sure the dots are solid, so it was probably faster using a dotting tool.

Here's the other ladies Day 3 fashion mani's.

Thanks for looking....and sorry about airing all my annoyances!


  1. This is pretty! I hate it when everything is a mess. It makes it hard to enjoy your beautiful nail art!

  2. I'm so glad to hear you have trouble stamping dots sometimes--I thought it was just me being a stamping newb.

  3. Beautiful mani! So shiny. I know the caps aren't screwed on all the way intentionally when shipping polish. But it looks like your bottles missed a turn or two!

  4. I love a good doticure and this is fabulous!


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