Thursday, August 22, 2013

Simple Sophistication

I know I mention this ALL. THE. TIME. but although I try to do my nails almost every night, there are a lot of nights that I'm pressed for time or it's quite it's quick and easy to just pick a full size image to use for a mani, do the base prep and coat, topcoat, stamp, topcoat and voila...a mani change in no time flat!  I frequently use a holo base but this is one of these times when I was looking for something different; this is what I came up with.

Started with one base coat of FingerPaints Black Expressionism....yes, one coat!.....perfect for mani's when pressed for time......then topped with SV for more time savings so stamping can be done sooner with less dry time!

Stamped using Barry M Foil Effects 320 Gold using an image from FUN 5.

Topped with SV.

When I was doing this mani, I was going to do an accent nail with the opposite base and stamping polish.....I decided to do my right hand this way instead.

While I didn't mind this, I much prefer the black with gold stamping.  An accent may have been OK too...maybe another time.

Here's a look at FUN 5.

I was curious how this mani would look with a matte topcoat so the next day, topped with Essie Matte About You.

I didn't mind this look...but it didn't stay like this for long because I did this not too long after I took the above pix.

I didn't have a break or any real need to cut them other than there comes a point when longer nails slow down typing, plus a strong C curve on a couple of nails, particularly the middle finger, annoys me when they are chopped them off!  This was just a few weeks ago...three, I believe.....and they are pretty much already at the length before I cut them.  Plus I like wearing short nails; I like doing mani's with funky frenches on them when my nails are gives me a chance to use stamps that don't fit when nails are longer.

I am so thankful that there are images like this one ..and polishes and fast top coat products.....that can create such a simple, sophisticated mani in no time flat!

Thanks for looking!


  1. oooh pretty. I like it mattified too! I wish my nails grew as fast as yours, mine take forever to grow out.

  2. Looks amazing! I have fallen in love with stamping. I have no talent for nail art otherwise, so stamping is my friend. I have wide nail beds though so I need images that are a little bit larger if they're full. The Konad ones barely fit on my thumbs.

  3. I really like it! Both versions look so elegant.

  4. Wow it looks amazing! I love how the barry m stamps. Really gorgeous.

  5. I love the black and gold together and yes, gold over black!

  6. Wow, black and gold is always a winning combination, and the matte top coat...cherry on top. Congrats!!


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