Friday, August 16, 2013

Digital Dozen; Fashion, Day 5

Day 5 of Fashion Week!  When I was thinking of fashion, it got me to thinking about designers....those who create the awesome fashions!  After searching through some pix on the internet and my plate stash to see what images I have that may relate to fashion labels, this is what I came up with.

I'll be honest; this seemed so much cooler in my head....and to top it off, there were a couple fingers that the stamping is so way off which was disappointing so what could have been "wow, really cool!" is just 'OK'.  

Anyhooo, base polishes used, starting at thumb and going clockwise are CQ Vintage, FingerPaints Black Expressionism, OPI Bride's Bouquet, Borghese Almondine and OPI Bride's Bouquet again; all two coats, topped with SV.

For the fabric look I was going for to mimic the Gucci purse, sponged index finger using Barry M Mushroom and Quo by Orly Naked.

Stamped using assortment of Konad special polishes using Handy 24 (thumb), Handy 26 (index) GA21 (lines), Handy 12 (Chanel logo), Handy 17 (index), and Handy 14 (pinky).

For a little added bling.....this is fashion week so I think it is appropriate....added a few colourful rhinestones to the index finger.

Topped with SV to finish.

(Still ticked at myself for really missing the mark on the Burberry and Chanel fingers!)

Here's a look at the Handy plates that have fashion images on them; there's a few more than the ones  used here.

Handy 23

Handy 14

Handy 13

Handy 12

Handy 26

Handy 17

Handy 15

Handy 18

A couple notes about these Handy plates; they stamp well and I was especially impressed with how well the very small, detailed images stamp. For example, the Gucci image used on the ring finger; to get images that small and in such detail is amazing for a stamping plate!  However, the full size images are on the smaller side and may not fit fully on the nail for those with long or wide nails.

These Handy plates and more can be seen on Mundo de Unas' FB page here.

Pix used for inspiration.

Here's the other ladies Day 5 mani's.

Hopefully you've enjoyed Fashion Week......thanks for looking!


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