Friday, November 15, 2013

Digit-al Dozen; Day 5, Black n White

Day 5 of the Digital Dozen black and white challenge. As difficult as I thought the challenge was, the funny thing is that I had 3 mani's done before the week started and did another 3 during the course of the week if you are counting, that's 6 black and white mani's completed for a challenge that I thought at the beginning of the week was hard!  Plus, the more I looked at my plates, the more ideas I came up with and have at least another 5 ideas that I didn't do.  They will have to wait for another time, perhaps another challenge.  I do know that when I do my nails tonight, they are going to be insanely colourful after three days this week of black and white mani's.  Well, maybe not insanely colourful but some colour at least!

I decided to use black and white holographic polishes to mix up the bases again versus the cremes already done. Started with a base of  two coats of Glitter Gal Light as a Feather and Color Club Beyond, no topcoat.  I did a coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls before adding the GG in the hopes that it would be more white versus gray looking; not sure if this helped or hindered! 

I like this slightly blurry pix as the holo is a little bit more pronounced.

Stamped using FUN black stamping polish using Konad m72.  

Topped with HKGirl QD topcoat to finish.

I can't seem to catch a break in the cuticle department lately, especially on my middle finger so I was fooling around with taking pix. Unless there's some drastic improvement soon, I'm thinking this may have to be my new finger pose to eliminate the ouchies!

Lastly, I generally test out the stamping on my right hand before doing the left.  I had stamped a finger with white as my intention was to do white stamping on the black and the black on the white.  But the white was too white versus the GG polish which wasn't as white, so that's why I did black on black.  But I did double stamp the test nail and I thought it looked kinda cool so thought I'd share.  Another idea for a future mani.

Have you enjoyed Digit-al Dozen black and white challenge?  I'm personally amazed at the variety and originality the group came up with using predominately black and white only (with a few personal interpretations in the mix!).

Have a great weekend; and thanks for looking!

edited to correct polish name!


  1. Beautiful! This is probably my favorite from you all week :)

  2. I LOVE that stamp! It's perfect over the holos!

  3. I'm with Emma, something about this mani is just impossibly awesome, I think it's my favourite of the week! And I know how you feel about cuticle stuff, I had a hangnail go Very Wrong on my left hand a couple weeks ago and it STILL isn't back to normal! >:(

  4. The double stamped one is awesome! I wouldn't have thought to do a combo of both colors! And I'm sorry about your owies :( Those are never fun!

  5. The white holo looks gorgeous as well as the nail art ;)

  6. Very cool. I love stamping over holos!

  7. Love love love! I need that GG in my life!

  8. I love holos so much and this is amazing!

  9. This stamp is the only one that my nail polish-hating Assistant Teacher (when I was in Teacher's college) loved. She made me paint her nails 4x with different colours but only wanted this stamp. Then when I left she bought on of those stamping kits from As Seen on TV and now she is hooked!


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