Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lick and Smooth Method Works!

I didn't have any intention of posting this mani.  I did it a couple nights ago simply to change my nails but because I'm feeling all crappy about the sad state of my cuticles and have been waiting for them to heal (see the ouchie still on the middle finger?  *sigh*), I was just going to do a polish change and not really worry about taking pix along the way to share as I usually do.  I took a few pix just in case it turned out OK, bad cuticles and all, but it really wasn't what I had in mind. Honest! In fact, I hardly took any pix of this mani; less than 30 in total (considering some mani's I take a couple hundred pix, this is low!) Anyway, I loved how this turned out so I'm glad I took a few pix to share.

I didn't have anything specifically planned or in mind when I started this mani; I realized I've been wearing a lot of blues lately (even though they have yet to be posted!) so wanted something different on my nails and just looked through my polish stash for the first polish that seemed to be calling my name (although I don't think I strayed too far from the blue spectrum with this choice!).  Did two coats of Elevation Polish Mount Cangyan, no topcoat.

While the base is stunning, I was less than happy with what's going on at the tips here so decided to do some layering on top of it.  I happen to see Pahlish Your Possible Heart sitting there handy at my desk and thought it would be an interesting cover, so added a light coat of it on top.

In different lighting; the pix below is more colour accurate.  No topcoat.  (Topcoat would have added greatly and if I wasn't going to stamp on top, I would have added it now.  But of course, I knew I was going to stamp on top of it so waited for it to dry.)

While my nails were drying, I was looking through my plate stash to pick out an image.  Unfortunately, the sticky from a clear plastic plate covering caught my still wet nails, denting then as well as taking a couple little chunks out of the pinky and ring finger polish when I peeled the plastic off.  As they were semi-wet still and I didn't really want to take off the polish on just those two fingers and reapply, I just smoothed them down with my finger (aka, the "lick your finger and smooth" method!) and then added another coat of Pahlish Your Possible Heart on top to even. Of course, had to wait a while longer for them to dry.  You can see that those two fingers, the pinky and ring, look slightly different than the other nails in the pix below as not as much of the base coat is evident underneath/you can see more of Pahlish Your Possible Heart as its now two coats on those fingers.  It's not that obvious of a difference in real life.

I didn't want to hide too much of these pretty colours so decided upon an image from LS-20; stamped with China Glaze 2030.

Topped with Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry topcoat (aka, the one in the black bottle).

This is one of the more interesting layering combinations I've done in a while...and I'm glad I took a few pix along the way to share....just please excuse the ouchies as I didn't edit them out!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I'll have to try that next time I ding a nail, and it's sure to happen!

  2. Beautiful! I am super clumsy so I am always dinging my nails, the lick and smooth (I don't actually lick my nail I lick a finger and use that to smooth) has been a mani-saver many a time!

  3. Gorgeous mani!!! So so pretty. I am always doing something stupid to mess my mani up. I use the lick and smooth all the time but for some reason I never thought of licking my finger and not the actual nail. Duh!

  4. I was already drooling when I saw the purple--then that Pahlish--gorgeousness!

    I am all about the lick and smooth--it's like Photoshop in real life. :) (well, I assume--I don't actually have Photoshop)

  5. China Glaze 2030! Lucky you to have it. Would love to find it, and I know about the dupes, but I want that one!

    Beautiful, beautiful mani!

  6. Really lovely, glad u took pics of it as well! I actually love the pinky and ring fingers best. I need to learn how to stamp, ASAP!

  7. I love this manicure, you could have stopped with just the layering for me, those 2 colours together are amazing!

  8. Gorgeous!! These types of colours are right up my alley!!
    I am a huge advocate of the lick and smooth method.

  9. What a beautiful mani! I'm glad you decided to share it with us!

    Chester :)

  10. Gorgeous! The colors and the stamp are perfect!


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