Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Enabler Alert!

There's been a burst of colour shift/duo and multi chrome polishes released lately, not to mention holo versions too! KBShimmer, Crowstoes , ILoveNailPolish and GirlyBits just to name a few.  I decided to use an oldie but goodie duochrome that I have in my stash to help me decide if I need to order any of the newly or to be released ones.  After wearing this, I placed orders (or am waiting to order a few as they are being released today...refresh, refresh, refresh!)  This is Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis.  I took at least 150 pix of Garnet Lapis and uploaded 56 for this post to see which ones I wanted to I type this I'm not sure what the final count of posted pix will be but I'm sure the post is going to be picture heavy!  Here's the various faces of Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis, three coats, no topcoat, in different lighting.

Stamped using assortment of images from Big SdP U using CND Gold Chrome.  I had a hard time getting the shift to be visible through the stamping but did manage a few.  Here's various pix in various lighting; I had a little polish smudge at the corners on a couple nails from not enough dry fact, even when this was top coated with SV, it still took forrrrrrrrevvvvvvvver to dry.

The enabler in me wants to share that Dashica Beauty has discounted stamping plates 30% until November 12!!!  Email your order to; make sure you mention DASH30%OFF in the subject line and in your email for the discount.

This is great news; I've never known Dashica Beauty to have a sale so if you have never order any of the plates....or want to add to your plate may be a good time to check it out!  I have 95% of the plates made (only a few of the last release I don't own) and I'm ordering them by the 12th to take advantage of the discount pricing.

Also, Dashica is releasing a new series of image plates called Infinity Nails.  Here's a preview of three plates of those scheduled to be released and there are plans for a total of 50 (!!!!!) .      

The scheduled release for these plates is early December.  I'll be sure to let Santa know that these will be on my wishlist and hopefully they will be under my tree come Christmas morning!!!

Lastly, followers will know that occasionally I do the odd random out of the blue giveaway for those who happen to see if when they read my blog posts regularly and happen to see it mentioned in my ramblings.  So this is one of those times!  There are a couple of the newer released Dashica plates that I haven't ordered yet and I'm going to add three Dash plates of your choice to my order for one lucky winner of this impromptu giveaway!  But there's even better news....especially if you like duochromes!  I happen to have extra bottles of a couple of the old Sally Hansen's prisms and I'm also going to include both Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis and Sally Hansen Golden Cinnabar as part of the giveaway!  So the winner of this giveaway will receive three Dashica Dash plates of their choice as well as both Sally Hansen prisms!!!!

The rules for this giveaway are simple.  Comment on this post only over the next 48 hours and you will be eligible.  The prize will be your choice of 3 of the Dash plates (these are the small rectangular plates...and you can pick any three from no. 1 to 60 (in case you want one of the previously released ones; must be in stock as I need to place my order by November 12!) as well as the two Sally Hansen Prisms shown.  I'll add the winners 3 picks to my order; and will ship to you when I've received them from Dashica.  I'll cut off the entries 48 hours from the time I publish this post and the winner will have just 24 hours to respond to the email sent (in case another needs to be drawn as my order has to be placed by November 12th!). You can see the plates here.  Just note in the comment section of this post your GFC follower name, your choice of the 3 Dash plates and an email address for contact purposes. Open internationally, see Giveaway Policy for any further details (except special 24 hour response needed). This giveaway is sponsored by me! I will not be advertising this impromptu giveaway any place but on my blog (edit and CNF's FB page!) and there's no need to announce it on your blog, or on facebook, or start following me on pinterest or any other forum as there's no extra entries to be obtained, just one comment will be permitted for an entry.  This is simply a thank you for those that regularly take the time to check out my blog! I do appreciate it!

Thanks for looking!

Edit:  The winner of the giveaway was turtlechick12; her package was mailed out and she confirmed receipt on December 28, 2013!


  1. OMG thank you for the awesome giveaway! I love that polish, it is stunning!

    I think plates 55,8,54 though it is hard to choose
    tjs_truelove at

    Thank you again for the awesome giveaway :)

  2. I generally follow you from bloglovin & had to read this post as I have the 4 ultra chromes from ILNP and just ordered a ton of her new holo polishes. I had no idea Sally Hansen had a dupe for some of those. This is a gorgeous polish and your images did it justice. And the stamping looks fantastic. I have a few CNDs but didn't know they stamped this well. Gonna have to check those out as well.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest. I belong to the AIS group on FB and have been thinking of ordering some of Dashica's plates but just spent way too much on the MoYou discount. I've heard Dashica's are fantastic. So, if I win, I'd enjoy the plates 46, 49 & 51. My GFC is Bre and my email is bre.beebe at gmail . com Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies. My GFC name is Lusty For Lacquer, email is, and I choose plates 33,43,53.

  4. Great giveaway and beautiful polish, didn't know Sally Hansen has made multichromes!

    Hard to choose from the plates, but I think 31, 40 & 52.



  5. Aaw, how great to do a give-away like this! The polish looks GORGEOUS by the way. :D

    I'd love to join the give-away! My choices for the plates would be 35, 45, 47. My GFC is AlbinoBambi and I can be reached at ilse.flores(at)
    I'm in the Netherlands btw, so the plates are close to home for me, haha.

  6. WOW!!!! Awesome Giveaway!!! Those old Sally Hanson polishes are liquid gold! and Impossible to find!!(at least for me)
    my GFC name is Kayla Angus
    email -
    Thanks !!!

  7. OOPS!! for got to add that I like plates 9, 34 and 55
    thanks again

  8. Awesome giveaway! I've been wanting that SH Garnet Lapis for ages... And stamping plates, well, one can never have too many stamping plates, right? :D. If I win, I'd like plates 15, 44 and 56.

    My GFC name is Janne, email janneamdisen at gmail dot com

  9. Lovely giveaway. If I win, I'd like plates 18, 40 and 54. My GFC name is cupcakes_doughnuts, email is

  10. Wow, the duochrome is so pretty! And I love how it looks together with the stamping. :) And thanks for the Dashica discount tip!
    I really would love to win. It is so hard to decide, but I think my favorite plates are 20, 37 and 46. =)
    My mail: lindchensworld(at)

  11. I love duochromes, but you have much better luck getting the shift to photograph than I do. The Dashica plates look awesome and I would love 22, 33, and 52. I usually read you through Bloglovin but my GFC is Petite & Polished and my email is P.S. I love how you are running this giveaway and as a fellow Canadian nail blogger, I salute you!

  12. Numbers before I forget: 7, 45, 53...

    LOVE that multi chrome, just wow, gotta love a polish that lets you wear all your fave colors at once...

    Sorry I am not on GFC, I follow via bloglovin only, code name Arathael, which is also my email address....

  13. what an awesome give away! If I'd win I would love 32,34,52. I follow thru GFC as stefsh01 which is also my email

  14. Amazing polish!
    I'd love to have plates number 39, 15 and 31. My GFC name is emilia, and my email is!

  15. I have been wanting stamping plates forever & hers are so amazing. It was so hard to choose but I think I narrowed it down to 33, 48, 52! Thx for this awesome giveaway. The polish is so gorgeous.
    GFC-Leslie K.
    Thx again
    Much love

  16. Wow, that SH Garnet Lapis is amazing! I don't have ANY stamping plates, so it would be so cool to win and give it a try! Thanks!

  17. Oops, here is my info...patricewassmann GFC
    and any plates would be great!

  18. This is a stunning mani; duo/multichromes melt my heart!! I am a stamping virgin but would love to give it a try with these plates!! My GFC name is karigold and my email address is

  19. 25, 31, 33. denisehanuschak. great giveaway! thank you!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. If I ever get a time machine, I am so getting in and going back to buy more Nail Prisms (and Revlon Street Wear).

    My GFC name is Karen D (I think, might be KarenD). Any plates would be great, as I have none of hers.

  22. I love those old duochromes. I ordered some of the KBShimmers. <3 I just checked out the new DASH plates. I think 53, 54, and 55 are cute! GFC name is LLC and my contact info is

  23. Lovely giveaway. I pick 33, 43 and 56. Email nailartandthings@gmail(dot)com

  24. *Giveaway Closed*

    Thanks and hope to contact someone soon!

  25. A winner has been drawn via ramdom dot org and an email sent already! Good Luck!

  26. Darn, I'm so sad I missed this! I was trying so hard to comment the other day from my phone but it wouldn't let me. :( Anyway, the mani you did is gorgeous! Maybe you could tell us which polish is close to being a dupe for that SH when you get the others you ordered. :)


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