Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Digit-al Dozen Does Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!; Day 2

This is a mani I did in early July for a kids fishing derby.  I had shared it on IG the day of the event but not on the blog but think it fits well with the Digit-al Dozen summer theme, so thought it would be a good time to share.....especially given that I had a bad nail break a couple days ago and don't think I'll be doing any mani's for a few days as my finger is so sore.  I hope I have enough mani's done to share for the rest of the week!  

Started with a base of two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (no pix).  I stamped the thumb first using FUN 4. Added a few dabs here and there to increase the tree canopy and for shading interest.

As the fishing derby entrants were all young children, I added a couple kids to the thumb using MoYou Princess Collection-11.  (I was super relieved that I stamped it on a decent location on the thumb lol)

Added more images from various plates; Infinity 11 (fish, seaweed on index and waves on middle and ring), JR-15 (fish on middle), MoYou Scholar Collection-01 (pinky) MJ XXV test (fish on ring) and Apipila Kids A (sun on thumb and cloud on middle).Stamping polishes used were black Konad and Sally Hansen instadri for the yellow. 

Added bubbles on index using Infinity 11.  Also started shading and filing in the voids to create the water, sky, fish, etc.  This was completed using a bunch of jellies I had made.

MoYou Scholar Collection-01


MJ XXV test (slightly different that MJ XXV that was offered for sale)

Infinity 11

More shading...it's just like colouring in a colour book only with nail polish!

Painted in the fish line on the middle and index fingers.

Finished shading.

Top coated to finish.

Here's the other ladies Day 2 mani's!

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Thanks for looking!


  1. So cool...the ruler is a great touch!

  2. I really love these!! They're just too cute!

  3. As always, I love seeing the process and the plates. Your index finger in particular is wonderful here--love all the layers of color and images.

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  5. So cute. I am always in awe of your stamping creativity! :)

  6. awesome manicure <3
    love those plates :D

  7. LOVE these! Loved see how it came about. Jealous of your placement abilities! See-through stampers would be awesome!

  8. Many of my summers were spent up at Tiger Musky Resort in Couderay, WI and fishing was a highlight! This is SO fabulous!

  9. This is SO cute! Your index nail makes me think of my favorite book as a kid - Artie the Smarty!

  10. this was definitely my favourite of yours this week - beautifully done and painted xx

  11. I LOVE that you included the measuring tape on your pinkie - every good fishing story definitely includes an "it was this _____ big" line :)


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