Thursday, August 14, 2014

Digit-al Dozen Does Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Day 3

When I was a kid, my friend and I spent many a night laying on the grass in one of our backyards looking up at the stars. If we were lucky enough, our gazing would reward us with seeing shooting stars......and when we couldn't see any, it was to try to pinpoint out the various constellations (and we aren't astronomy majors by any means....we were usually good for the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper and the North Star and that's about it!).  We also had our fair share of UFO sightings, too......mind you, they weren't actually UFO's but anything not readily identified as a flying plane or a shooting star was automatically a UFO in our young minds!  We always had fun with guessing what the moon craters looked like and if the night was bright enough, watching the clouds sail by!  Memories....makes we want to give her a call right now to reminisce....I'm sure she remembers this as well as a lot of these times were us camping out in one of our yards! Here's my first ever galaxy nails....complete with the Big Dipper!

Started with a base of two coats of Brienne The Blue by CANVAS lacquer**, no topcoat.  Two coats gave good coverage; Brienne the Blue by CANVAS lacquer has fine silver and blue glitters with subtle holo glitter that can be seen peaking through...perfect base for galaxy nails!  

Removal was a breeze and there was no nail staining either as sometimes happens with dark blue polishes. CANVAS Lacquer polishes are available via their Etsy shop here!

To create the galaxy, I used an assortment of polishes and sponged onto the nails until I got what I hoped looked like galaxy nails!  I used CANVAS Lacquer Orchids**, then OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and then more with Girly Bits Man Sized Love and lastly Nicole by OPI Fuchsia and Far Between.

Stamped on a few dots using LLC B with white Konad special polish.

Added images from MoYou Sci-Fi Collection-03 using white Konad special polish.

MoYou Sci-Fi Collection-03

Stamped on a few stars here and there with an image from Big SdP-B.

For more sparkle interest, topped thumb and middle finger with Sally Hansen Ice Pop.  I didn't do all the fingers because I thought it was smearing the stamping designs.  In hindsight, if I was to do again, I would add it before stamping as it really did sparkle once top coated.  The pix before, you can see the added sparkle on those two fingers (well, I can tell; hopefully you can too!)

Closeup of the thumb.

Sunlight the next day.

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Thanks for looking!

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  1. Fabulous galaxy mani and the stamping adds a whole other dimension of awesomeness :)

  2. Awesome mani - such beautiful memories too.

  3. That blue base does look perfect for galaxy nails.

  4. So beautiful...perfect for summer nights!

  5. Gorgeous! Beautiful base! Love the astronaut!

  6. Star gazing perfect on hot summer nights!

  7. Fun and beautiful! I love all the images!

  8. Fantastic galaxy mani - I used to lie out under the stars as a kid as well - looking up and imagining.

  9. GORGEOUS! I love galaxy nails and this is a fun take on them :)

  10. OMG, I've been so busy I can't believe I'm only seeing this now.
    AH-MAZING. Pinning. Right. Now.


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