Thursday, April 16, 2015

Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood; Day 4

It was no surprise to me when I got to thinking about childhood for this weeks Digit-al Dozen theme, that a lot of my memories involved my grandparents.  I was fortunate that I lived just a few doors away from both sets of my grandparents up until I was a teen; one lived 4 houses to the right, the other 5 houses to the left, so was at their houses fairly often.  I spent a lot of time at both grandparents houses but moreso with my Grandpa and Nannie (versus Grandpa and Grandma; we were taught to call them different names so everyone knew which grandparents we were talking about lol). I would help them do things around their house; weeding their vegetable garden and other yard work.  I also many nights sleeping over even though our house was just a few doors away.  Most days after school, I would head to their house first right off the bus and sit with my Grandpa who had just arrived home from work around the same time.  We'd watch Hogan's Heroes and All in the Family, having some little snack while Nannie was making dinner. When it was ready, I'd head home.  It was my Nannie that taught me to bake; I can remember standing on a chair at the kitchen counter just doing the stirring while she added the ingredients when I was very little.  As I got older, I made the items by myself while she supervised while sitting at the kitchen table.  We'd play cards while the baking was in the oven.  I learned a lot of valuable baking tips; how to double a recipe, or half it, read the instructions from a cookbook, etc.  Not only did I learn how to bake, but also to cook and can; I can remember helping to make homemade pickles, beets, applesauce, canning fruit plus jams of all sorts. I still love to bake after all these years and usually bake at least one thing a week now.  So today's mani features baking with my Nannie, one of my fondest childhood memories.

For bases, polishes used starting with thumb and going clockwise are OPI My Vampire is Buff with a thin coat of Cirque French Roast, Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby (3 coats), Pahlish Bespoke The Wish of a Golden Fish, Barry M Blue Plum Gelly with a coat of Streetwear FX Flash, and OPI My Vampire is Buff. 

I wanted to make pies on all fingers (they are pecan, cherry, pumpkin and blueberry if its not obvious!) but all I could think of for the fifth pie was lemon meringue and thought however would I do that, so decided to add a cupcake.  The pie crusts are using an image from MoYou Back to the 50's-03 mixing Mundo de Unas 43 and 57 together. The cupcake is Dash 20 using red Konad special polish and Barry M Blue Plum jelly. Added nuts for the pecan pie on the thumb with Mundo de Unas 22 using Cheeky Home Sweet Home Jumbo Plate 7.  For the pumpkin pie, I swirled the polish around when it got gummy, to mimic how the filling settles into the crust.

MoYou Back to the 50's-03

For the pumpkin pie nail on the middle, I matted the polish using OPI matte, added a few darker swirls using Cirque French Roast then added the pie crust by hand painting using Mundo de Unas 43.  Top coated the ring, index and pinky with KBShimmer Clearly on Top to finish.  I was kinda ticked that my nails were too small for the full effect of the pie crust to show on the index and middle finger but not much you can do about that.

Here's the other ladies Day 4 childhood nails!

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  1. Wow...this is just awesome. Love it. Your sweet memories remind me of my lovely time I spent with my Grandparents. <3

  2. Ahhhh that's so sweet! I have so many memories with my Nana too. Sadly no one can teach me to bake. I'm a lost cause!

  3. This awesome! You're very fortunate that both set of your grandparents lived so close to you. My grandparents that are still alive live in Barbados. But anytime that I'm down there that's one of the first things I do before I go see anyone else or do anything else. Spend time with them.

  4. I love this! I wish that I lived closer to my family growing up. It seems like some people were so close with their grandparents and cousins and I didn't have that! I will make sure my kids do though!

  5. grandparents are such a big part of our childhood, and yes, i always associate mine with cooking and baking too xx

  6. I loved your walk down memory lane. I always helped my grandma bake when I was little too and I loved it!!

  7. When I first saw this mani on FB I wondered why you were letting kids have coffee. Then I figured it must be how a mother gets through her kid's childhood. I really should've gotten around to reading the post earlier! lol

  8. This looks yummy! Your middle finger is definitely my favorite!


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