Monday, April 27, 2015

Two Blue Mani's!

In continuing with blue mani's for April is Autism Awareness month, I have two blue mani's to share today! But before I do, I just want to share a RAOK that happened to me this morning at the Tim Horton's drive thru.  Most of my days start with a large triple triple at Tim Horton's.  I was pleasantly surprised when I drove up to the window this morning and was told that my coffee had been covered by the vehicle in front of me!  What a fantastic way to start a Monday morning!  Thanks to the person in the beige SUV at the Tim Horton's at Goreway and Hwy 7 for your RAOK!  It made my day!  

I rarely share two mani's at a time but even though I've shared quite a few this month already, I still have a whole bunch more in archives so thought it might be good to do two today.  Also, the second mani, I only have the finished nails, no in progression, so not really enough for a whole post so thought I'd include it today too!  

Here's the first one; started with a base of Lilypad Lacquer Sea Queen and Lilypad Lacquer Oceanic; this is two coats each, no topcoat. 

Stamped using an image from MJ XL VII using Funky Fingers Gesso and Mundo 54.  

Top coated to finish.  

Unfortunately, the holographic sparkle didn't show up that well in these pix but I was able to take pix the next day and it shined through a little bit better.  Myself, I like a bit more sparkle or uniqueness to my polishes lately (trying to thin the herd!); these went to the swap pile right after I used them.  Pretty enough but you need to start someplace and they just didn't have the wow factor I'm looking for. 

For the second mani, I don't have many pix of the this mani so thought I would share it now.  I had a computer glitch and the saved pictures weren't the same as the thumbprint preview.  When I was deleting pix of mani's I had already shared, I deleted most of the pix of this mani thinking I had already shared them before from the thumbprint preview, when in fact, I wasn't even deleting the pix that was on preview.  Once I realized what I was doing, and after some googling, I discovered you could refresh the thumbprint but all I had left when this was done was a few of the finished nails.  

This is Elevation Polish Just Like Night Time stamped with Pet'la Golden Russian using Mundo 43.  

For some reason, my hand are more lobstery than normal in these pix but I thought I would share this one as you can see more of the holo in Just Like Night time a bit better.

As much as I love blue, I'm getting tired of sharing just blue mani's so I don't know about you, but I can't wait for May 1st!  In the meanwhile, I do have a few more that I'll be sharing over the next few days so bear with me lol!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love them both, but especially the first look!!

  2. I really like the both of them. Especially the first one as well.

  3. I love both of them! I need to do more stamping!!!


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