Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Let It Snow!

I feel with Christmas just a few short days away, I should be sharing Christmas nails, but nope, here I am sharing more snow mani's!  I guess all the white stuff we've been having has gotten to me! 

Started with a base of two coats of Glam Polish It's Now or Never; shown with no top coat.

Did a sponged gradient using these Glam's:  It's Now OR Never, Someday My Prince Will Come and Remember The Monsters?

Did a coat of KBShimmer before stamping.  Not the best pix as there is a whole lot of glitter and sparkle here but it was very cool IRL!

I made a stamper decal using MoYou Festive Collection 46.  I thought I would show the polish placement for the stamping.  The image wasn't that well thought out to me; if you wanted a black outline for the snowman, that means all the snowflakes dots are black!  Who wants that??  If you stamp in white to have white snowflake dots, then no outline for the snowman!  This was my attempt to correct the plate deficiency! Even with this, I had a couple black snowflake dots, I just removed them on the stamper and put in with a white dot.  

This is what my stamper decal turned out like.  So you can see the white dots and the black outline, then I filled it in with paints (not very well...I think I need a magnifying glass lol...but OK to visible eye!).  I added a little KBShimmer White Here White Now at the base of the snowman for some snow interest.

Applied stamper decal from MoYou Festive Collection-46 on thumb, then added images from Sugar Bubbles SBS08 (middle) using GirlyBits Sapphire stamping polish, MdU Christmas 1 (index), MJ XXXVIII (pinky) and MessyMansion MM30 (ring) using FunkyFingers Gesso.  I also double stamped on the middle finger with same image for the snow flakes as well as added random ones on ring and index.

Messy Mansion MM30.

Topped everything off with a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top to finish.

Thanks for looking!


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