Monday, May 15, 2017

Digit-al Dozen Does Rainforest; Day 1

It's Digit-al Dozen week!  This month's theme is rainforest which wasn't as hard as past challenges thankfully! Here's what I came up with for day 1!

In my head, I wanted to be all matchy-matchy, so started with a base of two coats of OPI Onyx, with an accent of one coat MdU 80.  Yes, it's a stamping polish but I wanted a bright green to stamp on the black that would show up nicely and because I wanted everything to match, it had to be used as a base.  (No, it didn't stain my nails, surprisingly either!) 

The Mdu was fairly thick so waited about 5-7 minutes before top coating but Mdu and KBShimmer Clearly on Top did not like one another still. 

I did the shrink stamper method for the accent of Chez Animaux A001 but it still was on the big side for my nails (and I didn't place it that well).  Stamped other fingers with Chez Floral 004 using same MdU 80.

Chez Animaux A001

Top coated using KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

I didn't mind this look but hey, it's Digit-al Dozen week so need to kick it up a notch!  Added a very light coat of ILNP Success on all fingers but accent which gave a really cool look, even though it might not be obvious in these pictures.

Here's the other ladies Day 1 rainforest nails!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. I love the little bit of added sparkle from Success!


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