Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Purple Gradient!

It's the first day back after the long Civic weekend here in Ontario. Unfortunately, the weather was horrible for the most part.  It was a windy drive to cottage country and a lot of areas were under tornado warnings, in fact, two tornadoes did touch down in the Huntsville area from what I heard.  Then it was cold, rainy and overcast; not the best of weather overall.  But hey, at least it was time off from work and there was some relaxing time and it was a good weekend to do inside errands! I got highlights and a cut Saturday afternoon and ventured into the local Costco on Sunday; renewed my membership and bought my first Ottlight as I rely on natural outdoor lighting if I do my nails when I'm in cottage country, so this small desktop version hopefully will work well enough regardless of conditions outside or the time of day I do my nails!  It was $27.99 after a $10 discount, which I think is a decent price. People must have thought so, as I bought the very last one in the store!  Anyway, here's my first attempt using it!

Did a quick coat of polish using the lightest colour, Sinful Lie-lac, then did a sponged gradient using it, Sinful Tempest and Orly Indie TX.

 Topped with Girly Bits What A Rush QD TC.

Stamped using XY-L13 (index and pinky) and XY-L17 on the rest of the fingers (these are both acrylic plates).  I wasn't that thrilled with the floral image as I think it covered the gradient too much and in hindsight, wished I had have just used the zigzag image on all nails, but hindsight is 20/20, as the saying goes.

 Topped with Girly Bits What A Rush to finish.

Hope you had a good weekend; thanks for looking!


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