Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Skittles!

Another quick Halloween mani of mummy nails.

Indoor with artificial light.

Konad white special polish using IP S06. Then dotted using white polish, finishing with black stones for eyes. Polishes used were, left to right starting with thumb: NYX Red Red, Misa Green with Envy; Zoya Savita matte, Color Club Bewitching and Color Club Spellbound, then topped with SV.

They don't really look scary mummies to me - they look like wonky birds or something due to the shape of my nails....good idea - poor execution!

Outside, overcast

Hey, they can't all be a success!

This is pix of my short right hand-actually stamped a little better!

Thanks for looking!




  2. I need to say, this made me smile. Mummies with a twist! :)

  3. hi
    i just found your blog and it's very nice!
    maybe you'll pass by mine and follow it too?

  4. This is my favorite mummy mani I've seen so far. It's colorful, cute, and creative!


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