Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stars Galore!

Here's the last of the HB series plates; HB 36 to 40.

I'm loving these stars on plate HB39, especially the image on the index finger. I'm thinking at some point I'm just going to use this image and do a whole mani! Oh, the possibiliies are endless, I know!

Used my standby silver for stamping...Nicole by OPI Positive Energy.

Polish is Nina Ultra Pro Royal Purple. I'm in love with this...unfortunately as far as pictures go, it does photo on the blue side, but it is a deep glossy looking purple. While I'm not a nail expert, I believe it is a jelly finish...whatever it is, I'm lovin!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these plates and I look forward to seeing the designs my fellow bloggers have come up with if you have them!

Here's the plates; click on image for better look!






Thanks for looking!


  1. SO awesome. Love, love, love the color and designs.

  2. love this! what an amazing manicure! nice job!

  3. I love, love this mani!

    Look what i just found

    Hb plates 41-60! and there so cute! hmmm....i know what im adding to my xmas list! x

  4. Sarahlouise1986: Yes, I knew about these plates-I have a few on order but won't be getting until November when OTHER plates I have ordered are in stock then!

    Some of them are cute, arent' they?

    PS: Happy belated birthday susies1955-those cupcakes were adorable!

  5. Thanks, they were TASTY too. :)

  6. wow.. those are great design and ofcourse u have awesome image plates

  7. I love the color and the designs!

  8. Awesome! :)
    And you let me know another brand for plates damn ahah ;)

  9. How did you buy these? Because I can't speak German and browsing through the website is a nightmare for me, even using a translator, haha. Love your blog ;-)

  10. Eli: I get a pretty good idea about the products just browsing the site as I have a general idea on where to look for stamping products; I email them directly any questions and with my order-communication is no issue!

  11. onde consigo comprar estas placas?
    voc~e não poderia mandar pra mim?

  12. I love those bunnies, they are so cute.. :) (HB38)


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