Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Still Rocking The Same Mani....

I have been super busy with work and life and I'm still wearing this China Glaze mani. I'm going to change it tonight (hopefully!!) but in the meanwhile, I put a coat of Essie Matte About You on just for a different look!

Thx for looking!


  1. Still loving it! And that is some pretty impressive wear.

  2. Amazing! I never tried to do konad, where would be the best place to buy a starter's kit? Im also in canada and I'd like to avoid huge shipping fees... Any suggestions?

  3. Bundlemonster from amazon is good place to start and not terribly expensive for some fauxnad plates; I've ordered Konad from OC Nail (ocnailart); they seem to have good prices and free shipping over x amount of dollars plus I think there's some blogger promotion codes out there for a free image plate if spending x amount; I've also come across Konad displays at flea markets, mall kiosks, trade shows, random beauty supply places-they are out there!

    If you are in GTA, email me at mrsrexy at gmail dot com and I can tell you places to buy locally; however, outside of GTA, I wouldn't be any help!


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