Sunday, October 3, 2010

Butter London-The Full Monty and HB Plates 21-25

I spent today driving and antiquing in cottage country Ontario-seen lots of amazing fall folliage. Seen lots of forests, lots of lakes-its my favourite time of year! So it was easy to pick the image plate with the leaves on it for this fall mani!

It was a pleasant surprise a couple weeks ago when I went to Holt Renfew one day to get some Lippmann polishes that they also sell Butter London. My wallet wasn't very happy though as they are around $15 each. Anyway, in addition to some standard line polishes, I was able to get the recently released Victoriana, The Full Monty, Marrow, All Hail McQueen and a few others.

After swatching a few polishes to see what I was going to use for my fall leaf mani, I decided to use The Full Monty as the base colour. This first image is one coat and no clean up as the daylight was quickly fading and I wanted to capture a quick pix.

This next pix is two coats and then a coat of Essie Matte About You. I've tried most of the matte makers on the market; I by far like this one best as it gives the most matte! Pix isn't great as daylight was slowly fading....

Then stamped! Using fall leaves from image plate HB21! I used all Konad special polishes for stamping! And of course the red maple leaf had to be front and centre as, well, I am Canadian! A little subliminal tribute to my heritage....

This mani was a little challenging for me-a lot of cleanup of the scraper and the image plate as so many different colours were used, and so many times stamped using multiple colours. But I was happy with the end result.

Here's pix of the image plates-I'm loving all the image plates from 21-40. I so can't wait to use the coffee plates-nothing that I love more than my Tim Horton's triple triple! You know are a reguler when the ladies at the counter have your order ready before you order! And your dinner guests brings a fresh timmies instead of wine to dinner!

Feel free to click on pix for better image of plate!

(edit: I forgot to include hb24 in original post! Oops)

I want to add more pictures but I'm on the road again to see more beautiful fall folliage!

Thanks for looking!


  1. omg i cant wait to try this!

    i agree plate HB-24 is very special cant wait to see what you do with it. I also feel that you can do alot with plate plate HB-26 =)

    keep the posts coming =)

  2. love this design so so so much!!! :D

  3. So how do you like the formula on Butter London? I am enticed by the photos I've seen,but not sure their worth the price tag. I love the konading. This a beautiful fall design.LOve it!

  4. Thx everyone for your comments! I hope everyone is enjoying the pix of the hb plates!

    Starlight: Honestly, the polish went on like butter! It was one of the best applications that I've had and it was easy to control the bush too. Plus the first photo is one coat-not many gold glitters apply in one coat as the ones I have tried before are usually pretty sheer! One coat equals twice as many mani's in a bottle therefore, worth the price (at least this is what I'm telling myself!!!

    But this was my first and only time using Butter London so can't say that they all apply this way. I agree they are a little pricy but Lippmann's are $18, MAC's are $21 and OPI's $10. Even Nubar's at Winners are $8! Butter London has some unique colours but some not so much, but some I really loved and had nothing like them, so picked them up!

  5. I should clarify that this is not a 'true' glitter like Mad as a Hatter or Absolutely Alice glitter and by no means am a polish expert and qualified to classify polishes as as this is not my thing, so maybe glitter is the wrong word-maybe glittery-foilish??

    But none the less, it is beautiful to wear-either by itself or matted is cool and still glittery!

  6. I love this design! The different colored leaves make the whole thing.


    I found these plates on a website, but they do not seem to be the same, has written other letters and not the HB

    what site you bought these plates?

    i loved them

    thank you

    my blog is:
    my e-mail is:

  8. Hi i really LOVE these HB plates :)

    Can you send me an e-mail where you have bought these...


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