Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nars 2010 Vintage Collection + HB Plates 16-20

So a while back, I had preordered the Nars 2010 Vintage Collection. You know the one, with the eagerly anticipated Zulu. Wellllll, it came in Tuesday and I was at Holts first thing Wednesday morning-they told me I was the first to get them in the store!

Feel free to click on image for better view!

l to r above- Full Metal Jacket, Midnight Mission, Mash, King Kong, Zulu

Sorry the images are not that good as overcast here most of the day!

I love Midnight Mission and King Kong best, but decided to do my mani in Full Metal Jacket.

Then topped with OPI ds shimmer.

And stamped, of course! Used Konad black special polish, HB plates 17 and 18. I absolutely "Love" the large star image in this mani. And can't wait to use "Love" more around Valentine's Day.

Oh, I almost forgot the image plates - hb 16 to 20!

Feel free to click on image for better view!

Thanks for looking


  1. Absolutely beautiful.
    LOVE those plates too.

  2. those plates are so cute! and your manicure is DIVINE!

  3. OKAY here I am! :P Thank you very much for coming to see my blog! SO. You have caused me a new lemming. I so far have six plates from Konad and the bundle monster plates...and now I'm thinking I'll be ordering from...Austria? *chuckles* My husband is going to DIE when I tell him I'm ordering more plates! I think I might have to start training to do this professionally. :P

  4. I love these plates! =-S ive ordered 21-40 ( that arrived today!!) but now...ill have to get 01-20

    great blog! xx

  5. I'm crazy for konad and after seeing these plates also went crazy, beautiful, where do I buy? love your nails, you are very creative

  6. i loved, i loved , i loved, ......

  7. Thx everyone! I love these plates too! These plates can be purhased at nailart and mehr; link posted when plates hb1 to hb5 were featured.

    I have new mani to post-just waiting for the sun to peak out to take some pictures!

    And lastly, thank you everyone for your comments and for following my little blog. You all make my day!


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