Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet My New Little Friends!

These beauties just arrived in the mail on Friday!

If you read my comments with Susie1955, I have a little bit of an image plate hoarding disorder! I had ordered the newly available 40 plates a couple weeks ago and they just arrived. I'm always on the lookout for new plates and those plates that I don't have (ie the illusive Hot Topic Image Plates-my number one lemming!) (edit: please note that I had originally posted that they were a set, but they are not, they can be purchased seperately!)
I urge you to click on the images to see better pix of the images!

I decided that I'd going to post 5 plates a posting, with a mani using one of the images from one of the featured plates.
A couple weeks ago, I picked up some LA Colors polishes (2/$5) when back to school shopping with my kids. They got new clothes, shoes, backpacks-I got polishes! As today was raining and overcast, I thought I'd do a mani somewhat feeling like fall. This is LA Colors Pink Sizzle. It has a gold shimmer that wasn't captured in the the picture by itself, which was taken in overcast skies.

Then topped with one coat of Nubar Opulent Pearl.

Then stamped with image plate HB3 using Konad black special polish. A word about these plates-some of the images are a little on the large side/others are a little on the small side. I think if the manufactuer ever decides to re-do them, they need to come up with a happy medium-make the larger ones just a tiny bit smaller and the smaller ones slightly larger. Any stamper with larger nails or longer nails would be happy with the large images, though, which is a plus! Unfortunately, some of the full size plate images too are just a little too small and are rectangular in shape versus square, but I'm sure all those talented bloggers out there will be creative and do something beautiful with them!

The reason my pinky is missing the image is I knew that the image would not fit on my teeny tiny pinky so I thought I'd go against the grain and leave it unadorned.

Even with the size issues, I'm still loving these plates! I can't wait to use them on Valentine's Day or Halloween, which is just around the corner!
Thanks for looking!

Edit: For those want to know, I did not get the plates on the site noted on the plates ( I actually did contact them when I seen these plates out on some other blogs but they failed to reply to my request to sell them/ship to me.
I then thought, hmmmm, what other company do I know in Germany/Austria that may have image I checked the website of nailart and mehr**, (who I have ordered from before) and low and behold, they had the hb21-hb40. I contacted them asking if they could get the hb1-hb20 (as I had seen them on the website) and they said yes, but the reason they weren't listing them on their website is because the images are too large. I ordered them anyway as I thought there were some really cool designs and could do diagonal designs, or half images etc but what I really found was that hb1-hb20 are just a tad too large but even so, they fit on my nails, even though my nails are on the smaller size and I have little length. I think that the hb21-40 images are a little on the small side so as I mentioned up above, they need more of a happy medium - make 1-20 smaller and 21-40 larger and then they'd be perfect!
In respone to susie1955's comment about pricing, please note that I ordered all 40 plates plus a few extras that I will using for be swapping, etc. The total price, including taxes, import fees, registered mail shipping etc., etc. was the equivalent of $5.78 per plate-less than Konad (but unfortunately not as cost effective as Bundle Monster!) They also have paypal. Visit nailart and mehr to see the plates.** And they are also selling them on ebay.** **Please note that I paid the invoiced amount in full for my plates. I do not endorse nor promote this website/etailer other than I am passing on the info of where I got them to those who may wish to know. I have no affiliation with any company and received no compensation for promotion of these products, nor am I promoting them...just letting fellow bloggers where they may be obtained should they be interested!


  1. any possibility of sharing where you picked that 40 plate set from? I too am a plate horder and OMG PANDA BEAR!

  2. so cute

    I like it

    my blog

  3. Ya where did you get the 40 plate set from?
    Nice polish kiddo,

  4. Nevermind. :) I see the website right on the plate. Pretty expensive. OUCH. Glad you could get them. I looked them all over and there were about 14 of them that I really liked.
    Can't wait to see them all on your mani's.

  5. whenever I see posts on fauxnad/Konad plates it makes me wanna go nuts with them on my nails lol I definitely don't use the ones I own enough!

  6. I love that design. So pretty. I too was going to ask where you got the plates.I have become a plate hoarder too,lol!

  7. susies1955, Starlight, Danielle, Mistress Zombie and youknow: Thanks again for checking out my little blog!

    susies1955: I updated my post-I can't remember how much the plates were noted on the hbnails website noted on the plates but, although I did contact them to see if they would sell to me, they didn't respond. I got them from nailart and mehr. The price per plate was less than $6, fyi.

  8. Oh, thanks for letting us know where you got them.

  9. Yay Nice blog, I am a nail plate hoarder too ^_^, and I also don't use them enough.
    I found out about nail art and mehr a year ago, but as I don't speak German I was afraid to order :(.
    As far as overseas I've ordered only from chez-delaney.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Which ones did you want to swap? I'm interested in HB21, 28 and 36. :)
    Email me if you want. :)

  11. Too bad I don't understand German... :-S


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