Friday, September 17, 2010

HB Image Plates 6-10

Here's the next five hb plates, 6 to 10. Feel free to click on pix to see images better!

It was tough trying to decide what to stamp from these 5 but I ended up using hb 6.

I had recently got Sally Hansen royal purple chrome in the mail and really wanted to try it out so I did a neutral nail for the base. Glad I chose this one as I think I found my perfect nude....Misa High Waist Hue. This is two coats and there was minor VNL only in bright sun shots. Would still be good for go to base coat for sheer polishes. Honestly, this is little on the boring side for me as I like more bright colours but I guess if I ever needed a work appropriate nude, this would be good! I'm very fortunate that I can wear anything I want now....

Then stamped using Sally Hansen royal purple. Love this chrome and I was so happy to get it for stamping!

Then spiced it up a little with random black, purple and holo glitter.

The above pictures were taken in the wee hours of the morning in artificial light; the finished ones the next morning in sunlight so colour variation. Please excuse the ragged cuticles as I was taking pix as I went along and its not a good idea to moisturize before you stamp as image doesn't adhere that well-at least my experience!

The finished result of the butterflies can be seen a little better if you click on the images.

Thanks for looking!

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