Saturday, September 11, 2010

OPI Purple with a Purpose is Lovely-but does not photo accurately!

I do not want to say how many pictures I took of these manis trying to capture the true purpleness of this polish! It either photographed blue or a too dark shade of purple...purples are notorious for this....I did get one pix pretty close but I hate the picture cause my hands are all greased up with mango mend-trying to keep those frizzle hangnails at bay .....

This is a great purple in my humble opinion. Bold, solid, good for all seasons, a great all around purple creme polish

The first pix I took, it really shows blue-I could not get a better picture as skies were overcast all day.

Then stamped with Nicole by OPI Positive Energy using fauxnad image plate no. m72. For those who may have b series plates, b87 also has a very similar image.

Next day, thought I'd add a little bling. My BFF is always saying, "why don't you use rhinestones" so I thought I would. Used a clear rhinestone for the centre, a thin black striper for the base stripe then holographic glitter overtop. I'm certainly no expert with stripers and lets just say, less is more! Lesson learned for next time.

Here's a blurry picture so you can see the holo better. Pretty impressive for a striper!

Thanks for looking!


  1. LOVE THIS :) i just got my konad set today! wheee

  2. What a beautiful manicure. I love the color although you say it isn't accurate. You're right purples are hard to catch. :)
    Love your inventiveness. :)


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