Monday, September 20, 2010

Plates HB11 to HB 15+China Glaze 2010 Holiday Collection.

Onward to the next five plates-hb11-hb15. While there are some cool plates, none are screaming to me to use now, especially when two of them have winter/Christmas themes - good for then, but not in warm weather now when I'm still wearing shorts....

Then I thought, hmm, I just picked up some of the China Glaze Holiday collection, why not use use them for my mani and stamp some snowflakes from thats what I did.

First of all, the plates. Please click onto image if you want to see better view of the plates.

Here's the five polishes I picked up from the China Glaze 2010 Tis The Season to be Naughty or Nice Holiday Collection.

This is Cheers to You and Midnight Kiss (l to r). I haven't swatched these but I'm hoping they may be good for stamping...will have to try that soon....

And Mrs. Clause, Mistletoe Kisses and Party Hearty (l to r).

I used Mshengji, unknown red (found at dollar store) under Mrs. Clause and Revlon Top Speed Emerald under Party Hearty and Mistletoe Kisses.

And the stamping...used fauxand hb11, one snowflake design on one hand and another on the other, using Konad white special polish.

And they say sunlight shows image pix better but the shade pix are much more accurate than this....

And you have the pleasure of seeing for the first my right hand which has the green polishes...but it was only way I could think to show the most colours at once, especially given that I'm not going to be wearing this mani for many days when its shorts weather here! But I can't wait to see what designs I can come up with in the winter and around Christmas time!
Thanks for looking!


  1. loving the look of Party Hearty :)

  2. I am SO wanting those Christmas plates. I fell in love with the fall and Halloween ones too.
    Awesome polishes,

  3. Those Christmas ones are so much prettier then the one Konad has. Where did you get them ?

  4. my leetle nails: I had posted link where I got them with posting introducing plates hb1 to hb5 that says Meet My New Little Friends.

    I can't wait to use these closer to Halloween and Christmas as well as see what else other awesome bloggers come up with!

  5. hi !!

    SPECIAL stamping nail art halloween contest
    win a big image plate (224 designs)
    GOOD LUCK !!

  6. love these holidays inspired manis

    Follow me and ill follow you!
    (i just started and could use some followers!)

  7. the china glaze holiday collection is out already? yay!!

    I see you live in canada...where do you/ did you purchase the china glaze holiday collection from? i'm still trying to figure out the best place to purchase china glaze. The only Canadian store that sells it right now for me is winners and the colors are terrible.

  8. shortwidenails: I actually don't think the China Glaze holiday collex is available yet, although I did buy it retail at random store in Toronto. No one else seems have been able to have obtained it yet; haven't even seen much on blogs-I can't explain why I lucked out. I went back for more but they had none and wouldn't for a few weeks! I believe release is Octoberish. I find China Glaze at Sally's Beauty Supply, Chatters, and random nail and beauty salons throughout GTA. Never seen at Winners; but have recently seen Nubar sparkles there and some random Barielles. Hopefully you will find some locations to source them!

  9. Yaaay another canadian blogger!

    I love this mani!
    Its gorg!

    Here is my blog visit anytime


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